Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ok, so I like my logo above (created by my lil brother)...but just fyi, I'm not into the craft business on a regular basis! I did have a booth at the craft show we organized to benefit Faith Mission...which we did, in excess of $3400...but I'm not doing it as a side business...takes too much time, as much as I liked my the way most of my items turned out. However, I like my logo for a couple of reasons. First, the fleur de lis is representative of an iris, and most people that know me, know that irises have a special meaning to my family. We transplanted some irises from my grandmother's yard to my mom's at some point in time (before she moved to an assisted living place would be my guess). Then I got some when I moved into our home we have now. I guess all of my siblings have some now. Mine bloomed both times I found out I was reminder that my Gomie is still watching over us.

And second, the name itself...Gomie used to call me reason why, she just did. I like the "belle" part of it...sounds Southern, and in a good strong women, strong faith, family oriented, good nurturers. I like those things.

I've been reminded of my grandmother a lot here lately. I went to my parents' house Friday night for Family Movie Night, where the kids and I would all stay the night, which reminded me of the many, many nights I stayed with my grandmother. I was laughing at how much stuff we were taking for one night, when I realized we took very little to her house. We didn't need sleeping bags or pillows...the big, soft, old quilt and the pillows off the couch were just fine with us...or we slept in her tall bed with her and listened to her snore as she propped herself up on a throw people to keep her hair "fixed" for the week...usually watching Golden Girls or some dating show (what was the name of that one?) as we drifted off to sleep. And then, in the morning...breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast...and coffee. How I loved drinking coffee with her. Even as I grew older, I'd still stop by for a cup and a chat...much like the one my momma and I got to have this morning before anyone else woke up. I crawled up in her big, tall bed and drank my coffee and just talked. Wow, full circle. I miss my Gomie.

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