Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Craft show and other random thoughts

Why, oh why, did I think I needed a table at the Mission: Hope Craft Show? I have so much left to do, and I just keep getting more and more ideas (and supplies) and less and less time. I did finish step one of my post-it holders and consequently found out that spray adhesive does not come off with soap and water. It does, however, come off (sort of) with canola oil followed by Dawn.

I still have word frames to make as well as covered notepads. I also have stuff for giant paperclip bookmarks and photo holders. Then I want to make candy bag toppers for the flavored candy corn I found. Yeah, when am I supposed to do this?

Speaking of the craft show, we are running in Race for the Cure this weekend as the Mission: Hope team. Cool, huh? It's Mom, Dad, Carrie, Rob, Chad, Kayla and me. Chad is bringing the kids out there as well, although it's supposed to be really cold, so maybe not. I had planned on being able to run the whole thing this time, but my hip injury has really help me back. About the time I get back up to par, it goes out again. Still, I will be out there and will finish the race...all for a great cause.

I've got a lot on my mind tonight...just not sure how I can be the biggest help to those around me who need it. Lots of prayers going up...

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