Sunday, October 11, 2009


I was in a cooking mood yesterday...actually, I'd been wanting to try one of the recipes for weeks. The other was inspired after watching Paula Deen. The first was a braised pork recipe I saw on the new Food Network star's show (Melissa D'Arabian). It took three hours to cook, so I knew I had to wait for a Saturday night when we didn't have something going on...hence the wait. I, of course, bought more meat than needed, so we had double the recipe...invited my parents over, which was nice. This pork turned out so good! However, the real star of the dinner was the sauce/gravy that it made...oh, wow! You need plenty of bread to mop the sauce up with!

The second recipe was inspired by watching Paula Deen make a chocolate bread pudding. I went in search of a bread pudding recipe that used egg substitute and was maybe a tad healthier and found a pumpkin bread pudding that used whole wheat bread and egg substitute along with the ever-so-healthy pumpkin...and can I just say double wow! This stuff was soooooo good! All we needed was a little Cool Whip or some sort of cream sauce, which will be my next recipe search.

It was really a great dinner for the cooler, damper weather we're having...and it was really nice to have dinner with my parents. We see them once a week on date night, but then it's just sort of in passing.

More than anything though, yesterday reminded me how much I love to cook and try new things in the kitchen. I really enjoyed the feeling of nurturing my family with good food made by me, especially on the fall day we were having and even more so after the kids have been sick all week. Nice to feel like I can take care of everyone, including myself.

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