Monday, November 16, 2009

Sneaky reminders

I guess God has a warped sense of humor. Here I am enjoying the heck out of my day with the kids (one last day until Grammy is able to watch them again after her surgery), and Sarah Beth has to throw the mother of all fits, starting in Walmart no less and lasting all the way home and then some. I always feel so conflicted about being a working mom as it is...and was really wishing I was a stay at home mom this morning after working out, having a yummy breakfast together, playing games with both kids, working on laundry and dishes...and then she reminds me why I'm not cut out to be at home all the time. I can't take those fits...but then again, maybe if I was home all the time, she wouldn't throw them. Who knows...but instead of feeling great like I did this morning, I now feel lousy...not the mindset I need to get things done today. I've still got cleaning and crafting to do. The craft show is Saturday and I'm not done yet. I'm still not stressing about it, but I'd feel a lot better if I was.

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