Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not Over the Hill Virtual 5K

Trying to fit in biking and running is turning out to be a challenge. Because I biked on Monday, today was my first run of the week. I think my body audibly sighed as it hit the pavement. It felt so good! Of course, that didn't last long as the first quarter mile creaks and groans of my body kicked in.

I ran this morning's run as my Not Over the Hill Virtual 5K put on by Carrie at Family Fitness Food as a celebration of her 40th birthday. My "hill" was the only thing close to a hill near my I did a figure 8 to run up it twice.

The run felt really good. I ran it in 33:19, and while that's no where close to what I was doing, it is faster than I've been in a while. And the last half mile or so, I was really able to pick up the pace.

You like my Day Glo running tank? I got it for $2.48 at Target...score!

I tried to take a picture on the porch before I started, but all I got was a black of the downfalls to summer ending is the sun coming up later. Today was probably my last weekday run outdoors because we starting back-to-school stuff on Friday. It's sad really. I love my outdoor runs, but I'm definitely an early morning runner. But because I don't run in the dark alone, I'll be stuck on the treadmill in the hot garage. I think that's the worst part.

In an effort to make that part better, I've been downloading some songs on iTunes. And I'm looking forward to listening to the Run Like a Mother podcasts. I'm saving them for the treadmill!

I have no idea how to mesh the running and biking in. I enjoy both, although running is definitely my top choice. I have the HHH at the end of August and a 10K Sept. 17...biking comes first for now. I'm just not sure if I'll be comfortable biking on my own at 5 in the morning next week. It's either that or when it is 110 outside. Yikes. Neither of those choices sound like a winner.


  1. You could always try to schedule some early morning outdoor runs with Carrie since you two live so close. That way you're not alone in the dark.

  2. If my bike was in working order, I would totally join you for rides! I miss biking!

  3. Great job on the V5K! Yikes...dark or 110? I do run at night a lot, but being a guy feel safer (my wife won't run alone at night). 110 would just stink unless you could rig up an easy way to drag and AC with you...