Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Thing Thursday

1. After a morning that required two cups of coffee and a new chocolate covered sea salted caramel granola bar, I was happy when my husband offered to bring me lunch. I love when I get to see him mid-day, especially when my planned lunch was rather uninspired.

2. I got to sneak in a two-miler after school. I had plaaned it and taken my clothes to school. It was a great run...the weather was quite cool (and we have to enjoy it while we can since we will be close to 100 again this weekend) and it just felt good to move. This is the first week in the training plan with four runs.

3. This evening was pretty good. We made breakfast for dinner, a favorite around here. The kids helped me make pancakes, and Chad cooked the bacon and eggs. Then afterward, we played outside and just enjoyed some good family time. Granted, good things don't last. We had a bedtime battle with our daughter including some drama over her first loose tooth that really needs to come out. Never a dull moment!

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