Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lesson learned

No matter how much I know, it is all useless if I don't put it into practice. Today's recipe for disaster:
5-mile run (which pretty much rocked)
+ no time for breakfast
+ forgot my vitamins at home
+ no time to make coffee at school
+ no time to fill up my water bottle
+ stuck in testing for four class periods
= one really bad idea

I ended up with a hideous headache by 11, and nothing was helping. I even drank a Coke at lunch hoping the caffeine would help. It took the edge off, but not by much.

I think I finally have myself closer to hydrated, and after an Excedrin, I am feeling a little better (almost 12 hours later).

The thing is, I know what I should have done and how all this could have been avoided, but for whatever reason (read: laziness won out) I didn't follow through with those things.

The things I should have done:
Grabbed a granola bar on the way out the door
Filled up a water bottle as I left
Taken my vitamins with me to take after I ate
Fixed my lunch the night before

So, tonight, I have truly learned my lesson. I have already made mine and the kids' lunches for tomorrow. I have my vitamin case filled and in my purse. I have Gatorade and a bottled water in the fridge since I know I will be running in the morning. The running clothes are out too. I've done the dishes so I don't have to face a messy kitchen in the morning. And even better? I have the coffee maker set to brew nice and early...and unlike the last time I tried that, this time I didn't accidentally start it instead.

Now, all those little things I know make my life run just a little bit smoother are being put to use, and I can only hope it makes tomorrow that much better.

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