Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Night

Mileage report:
Weekly: 20 miles
YTD: 599.85 miles (makes me want to hop on the treadmill for .15!)

I signed up for the local Race for the Cure assuming we would do like we did last year and walk the one-mile as Patsy's Posse with Grammy. This week, after all, marks two years since her diagnosis. However, they decided not to do the race. I had planned on getting up and running 5 and then doing the 5K. Because of the change in plans, I decided to just do my 8 on my own.

I woke up to a very overcast morning. It was surprisingly warmer than it looked though. A tank and shorts were fine. I wore my visor hoping for rain in case it rained. I probably looked dumb in a hat on a cloudy day, especially since I kept pushing it up because I was hot. Unfortunately, I only got a few sprinkles...but at least I stayed cool.

For the first couple of miles, I really questioned whether I could do 8. This is the longest run of this training round so far, and I had forgotten how hard 8 could be. At about mile 3, things felt good, and that lasted until about mile 5 or so. By 6, I was wondering if I could make it the last two. Of course, I was at least 2 miles from home so I figured I didn't have much choice.

After my run and a breakfast cooked by my husband (the best kind!), I headed out to help the BFFs, the team I walked the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure with last year. They were holding a fundraiser today...Fill the a busy intersection. It was very overcast, which was so much better than when we did the same fundraiser last extreme temps. I even made the local news: BFFs Fill the Cups. (And yes, I look silly running back and forth for donations...but the cause is worth it!)

I had planned on staying a couple of hours...and ended up leaving right as a front moved through. I couldn't believe the change in temperatures. By the time I got home (just a few blocks away), the rain had arrived! And it has rained all day long! How awesome is that?! It is, of course, messing up the Rangers game...but it's giving us plenty of time to catch up on our shows :)

I forgot to add that I got to sneak away this evening for a much-needed pedicure with a friend. I am pretty sure I haven't had one in more than a year. I could be wrong. I know I wanted one after my 3-Day last year, but I had to wait for blisters to heal, and by that time, I had already started training for my half. Poor girl doing my feet...I feel a little sorry for her...but man, do my feet look better!


  1. That's exactly how my ran went (except it was cold and I was in tights, a shirt, a jacket, earwarmers, and gloves). Mile 1-2 a little tight and I was worried about going all 8. Mile 3-6 were great. Mile 7-8 were uphill and I thought I may have to walk, but I was able to keep going by visualizing the Vegas finish line. And to be honest I daydreamed a little about completing the Missoula Marathon someday.

    Week: 16.5 miles
    YTD: 324 miles

  2. Week: 3.35 (that sucks)
    YTD: 439.25 (ish)

    I'm taking a break from running, so my miles will be from either biking, walking, or Zumba!