Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday Fun, Part 1

The kids' birthdays are a week apart in July, but we try to have their party early so more of their school friends can come. This year, we sent home the invites the last week of school and had the party the first week in June.

For Ryan, that meant a Skylander party. He's obsessed with the game. I'm really happy with the way the party turned out.

When his friends got here, we had them decorate a treasure bag for all the trinkets they'd win with the games. We had a game/activity for each of the 8 elements in the video game. Each game had its own prize.

The games
1. Earth: Dino-Rang's Boomerang Throw. The kids threw a boomerang at a stack of paper party cups (chompies).

2.  Water: Thumpback's Whale Toss. The kids threw whale/shark swim toys into buckets of water.

3. Tech: Bouncer's Ball Bounce. The kids tossed a bouncy ball into targets (cups).

4. Undead: Fright Rider's Freeze Tag. Self-explanatory, although the kids didn't quite understand how freeze tag works.

5. Air: Swarm's Balloon Sting. The kids formed two teams and had a relay race where they each had to "sting" a balloon and pop it.

6, 7 and 8 were all part of the food.

6. Magic: Pop Fizz's Magic Potion. The kids mixed KoolAid Mix and Pop Rocks to form their own drinks.

7. Life: Tree Rex's Level Up Pizza. Food time!

8. Fire: Ignitor's Candle Lighting. Cake time!

I'm pretty pleased with the cake. I ordered a round cake with a thin layer of buttercream icing from United. Then I bought premade black fondant. I rolled it out and made the outer layer of the portal from the game. To give it the rock look, I used silver spray food coloring sprayed on a squished up paper towel to give it the mottled look I wanted.

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