Thursday, June 6, 2013

Three Thing Thursday 6/6

1. I do not know what possessed me to have both kids' birthday parties at our house a week after school got out...and to have them on two consecutive days. Well, actually, I do know. With late summer birthdays, we like to be able to invite their school friends. And we didn't want to take up two separate weekends with the parties. But it has been a crazy week of busy-ness already even without the prep work. However, the parties are shaping up to be cute and fun.

2. It's summer! I thought they craziness would slow down, but it just transforms into a different kind. We've got library story times, special library events, summer movies, summer track, camps, reading programs, VBS and a lot of fun stuff at home planned. It really never slows down, does it?

3. Because it's summer, I'm trying to be focused with a lot of what we do. One of the things we are doing is this Around the World in 60 Days activity I found in Thriving Family magazine. I found a large wall map with velcro tags/animals/labels on clearance at Walmart and it's up in our hallway. Each day we learn a little about a new country, read a Bible verse, and do a simple activity. It's a fun way for the kids to learn something new while reinforcing our faith.

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  1. Love the "around the world" thing. Maybe I'll try to adapt it for Abigail. I have a map I just bought and want to get it laminated before hanging it in Abigail's room. She LOVES maps! I hope to initially use it by putting pictures of people on it where they live. Or use dry-erase markers to draw lines to where we are going. I guess I need to do that soon so I can to it before our next trip. Kinda missed the boat for this weekend's trip.