Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday Fun, Part 2

Sarah Beth's party was the morning after Ryan's (I know...what the heck was I thinking?!). She wanted a butterfly/fairy tea that is what she got.

When the girls arrived, they got to decorate a charger plate (really, just a way to keep them busy while we worked on the next fun part).

Then, one at a time, I painted their faces with butterflies. Not perfect, but they liked it, and I learned a new skill.

The girls got to make a craft. We started with pipe cleaner and tissue paper butterflies. After that, they made up their own crafts.

Then, we had tea. Tea included butterfly shaped turkey and cheese sandwiches, ham and cheese tortilla rollups, chocolate chip scones (her specific request) fruit and veggies...and of course, flavored tea :)

After lunch, we had mini cupcakes, perfect for a tea (although not so perfect for 8 candles). 

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