Monday, July 16, 2012

A New Adventure

Our new home away from home...

It all started with a random question..."How much would a pop-up cost?" texted to my husband while I sat in a waiting room at the doctor's. Within two weeks, we'd looked at a few at a local lot and searched online. The day after our KC trip, we headed up to Lawton to check out in person one we had seen online...and we bought it :) After a couple more trips to Lawton, we finally brought it home last Friday and took it out for its first trip on Saturday.

We are really excited about this new addition. I used to tent camp with my family, but let's face it...I quickly realized as an adult that I'm not a fan of sleeping in a tent. Now we get to have the best of both worlds...we'll camp but get to sleep in a bed (and have the luxury of a TV every once in a while).

Our first trip was fun. It came with a few adjustments (backing up a trailer, anyone?), but overall it was a good first outing. We just took it to nearby Lake Arrowhead State Park since we just had one night to spend. Chad's parents brought their RV out and stayed in the site next to ours. My parents came out and had dinner and s'mores with us.

On Sunday, we took the kids fishing...that was the one thing they really wanted to do, which is funny, because Chad and I do not all. Luckily, JoLea could get us set up to fish with the gear we borrowed from my brother-in-law. We didn't catch anything, and the kids started complaining it was hot pretty quickly...but watching the grownups fish with a princess pole and a Sponge Bob pole was priceless!

I've spent most of last week and a lot of my recovery time on Pinterest and other sites planning ways to organize the RV, making lists for things we need, and even coming up with some ways to decorate our home on wheels. I'm really looking forward to our next trip already!

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  1. Awesome! We've considered one on and off over the past couple years. Someday :)