Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Thing Thursday

Chandra and Me, after the Vegas RnR Half Marathon

1. My best friend will be here tomorrow! It's going to be a crazy, whirlwind weekend, but I'm so glad she'll be here with me for it!

2. With hubby working late nights this week, this momma is in dire need of a run...and since that can't happen quite yet post-op, I need some sanity! Why is it that when you need it most, you are less likely to have/get it?!

3. I'm not sure I'm quite well yet, but I do seem to be improving slowly. I haven't taken near as much ibuprofen today...actually any...and I've been taken it to keep the throat/ear pain at bay pretty regularly this week.


  1. Yea! Can't wait to see you!! And if you think it's crazy NOW, just wait until you add my kids to the mix. They're insane. Quite literally.

  2. Glad you are starting to feel better :) Have fun this weekend. It is always fun having company visit.