Monday, July 23, 2012

Challenge 52

This week's challenge is to not focus on what you haven't done and instead focus on what you have done or how far you've come. Make a "Ta Da" list or a "Done" list to go along with the never-ending to-do list. I'm the world's worst at this, much to my husband's dismay.'s Ta Da List up, showered and dressed (hey, that's progress after a week of not having to do those things)
...ate a healthy breakfast
...did a few loads of laundry and the dishes
...made a few busy bags for the kids
...cleaned up some clutter
...put away clothes
...took my son (with my parents' help) to his yearly checkup...and remembered the two questions we had
...had lunch with my parents
...helped my sister organize her new kitchen
...rested (important in recovery, right?)
...played in the rain with the kids
...handled hubby's late night of working without any problems
...watched a movie with the kids
...stayed within my daily calories...and actually tracked them

Not bad for a Monday!

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