Monday, October 1, 2012

October Goals

Hmmm...I haven't really thought that far. Here it is October 1, and I am barely realizing September is over.

My most obvious goal is the 13.1 Dallas at the end of the month. I'm running it for Team World Vision with a team from my church. I've raised right at $500, but I still have $155 to go. ***Side note: If you'd like to donate to help provide clean drinking water for women, children and families in Africa, please use this link:
. Just $50 provides a lifetime of clean, healthy drinking water for one person there. If that's too much, maybe $1 a mile for me? That's just $13.10...a couple of trips to Starbucks or a Friday night pizza.
As for the race itself, I just want to finish. It's been a struggle to get back into training and get back on track. I'm pretty sure I can finish, and I'm hoping it won't be crawling across the finish line. I'm choosing not to put a time goal on it because that's not the point this time.

Another goal I have is to lose 2.5 pounds. The weight is coming off slowly, and I know I need to add some strength/toning workouts to help finish it off. That would put me at a weight I'm happy's not my ultimate goal weight, but that one might be a little too lofty. I'll continue eating healthy foods and tracking my calories to meet this goal. 

I want to set up some sort of chore/technology time/allowance system for my kids. My mind gets a little boggled trying to figure out what will work best for my kids and me. They're doing really well with a color chart system at school for behavior, and I'd like to use that concept at home. I just don't know how to make it all work to provide the best results and learning experiences. 

I'm still working on completing an online Bible study for the book Unglued. It's a good book (two chapters in), so another goal is to complete the study and put the knowledge into practice to come unglued less and enjoy my kids more. 

And a totally random goal for the month is to go camping again! I am hoping for cooler weather and a chance to spend some more time outdoors :)

That's probably enough goals for one month. I didn't finish a house project in September like I'd planned. I did blog more (although not as consistenly as I'd hoped). I keep reminding myself that I'm a work in progress...


  1. I haven't thought much about October either. So, here goes:
    1) like you, I need a better "chore chart" system
    2) settle into a good routine for pre-school
    3) make the kids costumes
    4) Get back into regular Bible readings
    5) Stay on track with Insanity. This is month two, and I hear this is the month people drop out. I won't be one of them.
    6) At least 2 trips to the library with Abigail

    I'm sure there are tons more....

  2. Chore chart task accomplished. Even made a "behavior chart" to go with it. Costumes are started. Need to add to my goals: can a ton (about 200lbs) of apples, plus potatoes and zucchini. And I should probably make myself a "goals" list so that I can keep track of all of this. :)