Monday, October 15, 2012

Week Review/Preview

Last week was busy as usual, but I fit in my runs like I'd planned. On Saturday, we had Race for the Cure. The original plan was to walk the one mile with my mother-in-law and family and then run the 5k, heading home afterward to finish my long run. However, the 5k had already started when we finished walking, so we just went on home for me to do my long run from there. My sister had already started running but finished up her run with the first half of mine. It was good to have some company, at least for a while. After we parted ways, the rain started coming down a little more than the sprinkles of the first half, but it felt great.

I made it the 11 miles I'd planned. I can't say it was as good as last week's 10, but I did it. I must have been running super tense because my back is super sore. The legs, especially my right calf, was twitchy all day Saturday, but after vitamins, a couple of bananas and some electrolytes, it was a little better.

I think part of the difference was that last week, I took off right after my run to take my daughter to gymnastics. Then we went and had brunch and got haircuts. I didn't stop until mid-afternoon when I finally got a shower. This week, I came home, stretched, relaxed and showered (a hot shower, too). Maybe I should have hit the ice bath instead.

Still, I'm better today, so I can't complain.

Last week: 20.28 miles
YTD: 484 miles

This week is just as busy. Here's the plan...for now:
Monday-run 3 miles



Wednesday-run 4 miles
-Hang Time
-date night/prep for camping
Friday-run 2 miles?
Saturday-run 8 miles?
Sunday-run 8 miles?

So a lot of the plans aren't really set in stone, but at least I'm working on fitting everything in.

The kids' new color chart plan seems to be helping. They had their first "store" last night. Sarah Beth is saving hers up (although she did "buy" ten extra minutes before bed, which I enjoyed spending with her), while Ryan couldn't resist "buying" a trip to the dollar store and a new iPad app. I still need to work on some ideas for this, but I'm liking the plan.

This week's goal is to come up with a better chore chart system that can work with the new ticket system. I basically want them to work a little on their room each day with one specific task and then do one other "chore" to help out.

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  1. Don't you love it when you're plans actually work? Abigails "behavior" chart is working well. She has to get 12 stickers on her chart and then she gets her treat. She gets stickers when we see her being good, helping, obeying well, general good behavior. She even gets to pick the treat that she works towards on each chart: ice cream cone (I found these TINY cones at the store that she LOVES), cooking with me, picking a new book from the book-box, painting finger nails, etc. I've seen definate changes in her. Pre-school is probably helping too. Love you!