Friday, November 30, 2012

Checking in

So, I'm a horrible blogger. I have all these plans to write. And I know that writing is therapeutic for me. But it just always ends up on the back burner.

My friend Chandra has been telling me about her goal-setting, and I love how she's doing it. She is starting with her priorities, what's most important to her and her family. Then she's making yearly goals based on those priorities. From there, she can make monthly and weekly goals that line up with those. She shared a link with me where one person set goals by category, and I really like that idea to help me focus.

I am just at the beginning of the process, but I'm going to use the three areas from my blog title to form some goals. These are, after all, the things that are most important to me, the things I'm constantly trying to balance.

My priorities
-To have a happy, comfortable home where we all feel loved and nurtured
-To establish order and routines
-To have a strong relationship with Christ
-To build a strong marriage
-To raise confident, thoughtful children who learn and know God
-To enjoy the daily moments as well as the big experiences
-To provide comforting, nutritious meals and snacks
-To stay (and encourage others to become) physically fit

It's a start. I feel a chart or notebook coming. I sure do love my binders :)


  1. Love it. Keep me posted on how yours shapes up! I'm always looking for more creative organization ideas. :)

  2. hope you are having a great december and living your priorities