Friday, November 12, 2010

It's been a while...

Oops. I just haven't gotten around to this blog in a while.

Let's Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure was this past weekend. I think I'm just now recovering. It was an amazing weekend. Quick rundown:

Thursday: SB wakes up in the wee morning hours throwing up. That means little sleep for me. Not a good way to start this adventure. DH takes the morning shift with her; I take off the afternoon. She seemed ok, so I left as planned that evening for the hotel with DH and the team. I knew her grandparents could handle it, but she was ok. Got a decent night's sleep in the hotel and got up super early to get ready.

Friday: We head to the Opening Ceremonies. I lose a glove before we even start as I try to put my credential on my lanyard. Opening Ceremonies were emotional, but exciting. We head out walking. The cheering stations were amazing, and I loved seeing my hubby and parents at them. My hubby covered the beginning stuff for our local news station where he works. My parents met us at all the cheering stations Friday...very cool! Half the teams walks fast...the rest, my half, walks quite slowly. We finally make it back to camp, find our gear, shower. I visit the medical tent and get my feet taped up to try and keep the blisters at bay and get my hip worked out...thank goodness for those sports medicine folks. Her name was Linda and she was awesome! Sleeping in a tent in sub-40 weather was chilly to say the least. My sleeping bag/fleece liner combo proves quite warm, although the porta-potty trip is cold. Waking up in cold weather isn't good for sore muscles (which is why two team members headed to a hotel).

Saturday: We head out for Day 2, our longest. Once again, half the team is speedy...finishing by 3:30. The rest of us are almost last and come in at 6:30. Jessica and I battle blisters all day, hers much worse than mine. But we make it! And we promptly eat dinner and head to the hotel. Ahhhhh...a warm shower, carepted floors and a soft bed.

Sunday: Day 3. A short one, but ouch. I hurt so much worse. I self-cared my feet after the bandages came off in the shower. It worked. I learned a lot of tricks. I did visit one medical tent at lunch. Our team tried to stay together. I could tell the rest of the team struggled to go so slow. We loved seeing our kids and families in West End. The sight of those black team shirts was wonderful! Closing Ceremonies were good, but nothing beats connecting with our families again. The Favers and our family headed to Razoo's for dinner. Poor Jessica and I could barely walk. The best sign ever? "Limping is still walking"!!!

I took Monday off, and to be honest, a good night's sleep did wonders. I ended up weith a couple small blisters that healed very quickly and two sore spots, my left knee and my right Achilles. By Tuesday when I went back to school, I was pretty good. My left knee's still talking to me some, but it's not bad.

I actually ran 2 miles yesterday. It went ok. Nothing hurt too bad. It took a sec to get into a good form, but it worked. I need to get a long run in tomorrow...five miles maybe? I just have 24 days until my family's marathon relay. It turns out I am running a 10K leg. I thought I had a 5-miler. Oh, well.

And...the big news? I signed up for the Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon through the Susan G. Komen Pledge Program. I have another $250 to raise. My idea? I need to find a coroporate sponsor to pay the money...and I'll gladly airbrush tattoo their logo on my shoulder for my run! It's either that or I sell my miles...I'll run each mile for someone for $20 a mile. Hmmm....

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  1. Great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and following my journey! happy running!!!