Monday, November 29, 2010

Here's hoping...

I'm hoping that old idea that bad dress rehearsal equals a good first performance holds true this weekend. I never got around to my long run this weekend...for the second weekend in a row. I made up for it the last one by running 5 on Monday. I skipped a bunch of runs due to that IUD and Thanksgiving. I thought I'd hit at least 3 today or maybe more...but I was lucky to get 2.5 in. It just wasn't a good run. Nothing was painful...just not quite right. My right foot still hurts some, as does my left knee. I just couldn't quite get in the rhythm. And now I'm worried.

It seems sometimes that life just has other plans.

Christmas has apparently snuck up on me, and I'm panicky about gifts and cards and decorations and all that goes with the holidays. I'm ready to have this race over so I can have a couple of slow weeks before hitting half marathon training after Christmas. I wish I'd done more to get ready for this one though... strength training would have been nice as would have been sticking to my training plan.

I'm really working, though, on quality time with my kids. But just when I think we're having a good day, one of them melts down. Or I do.

And I'm working on giving myself a break. Tonight will be a cup of hot cocoa with Starbucks liquer and some gingerbread marshmallows. And yes, they look like they're wailing "I'm melting" but they sure are delicious.

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