Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where did they go?

I realized that I hadn't filled out my training log for the past couple of weeks, but when I tried to add the missing information, I can't remember what I did. I thought I had blogged most of my runs, or at least commented on them on Facebook, but apparently, I didn't. Now what? I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but I'd like to have a mileage total in that log. Hmmm....and what's bad is that I can remember at least one run, a long one that had to end a little short due to some, um, GI issues. The problem is, I have no idea when that one was. Was it before the 3-Day? Was it the week after? How could I forget that?

And what am I supposed to be doing in the morning? Apparently, I made two different training plans for the marathon relay in less than two weeks. And what's worse? I didn't realize it until I went through some files on my computer! One plan is in my bag out in the car, and one plan is on my computer...so do I go with convenience and go with the handy plan or go look and see what the other, the one I've probably followed more, says.

Either way, tomorrow is supposed to be speedwork of some sort. I did 4x800s last week, so I'm thinking a tempo or interval run is in the works. I'm off tomorrow, so that's good, but I also have a doctor's appointment in the morning...one I'm not really looking forward to, and one I'm afraid will mess up my running possibilities on Thursday.

But, on a positive note, I think my brother and I are going to try and fit a long run in together this weekend. :)

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