Wednesday, November 17, 2010


As I posted as my Facebook status this morning, I conquered my nemesis speedwork for the week this morning! I actually followed my training plan for once...I ran my 4x800 with 400 recovery. I think I ran it faster than I was "supposed" to though, but I have a hard enough time figuring out my speed on the treadmill as it is. I hit 7mph and hoped it was close to the 4:24 half-mile I was scheduled to try. I think, if my math is anywhere close to right, I actually ran my halves in about 4:15...and I survived! Feeling stronger already...

I'm a little worried about a couple of injury-like issues after the 3-Day. My left knee is still unhappy, walking during the day or running. It's not painful, so to speak, but it's definitely talking to me.

And then there's my right foot. I'm not entirely sure I don't have a stress fracture on the inside top bones. It doesn't hurt all the time. Certain movements hurt worse than others, but not consistently. I was able to run just fine. And I'm being stubborn. I'm not having it checked out until after the relay marathon Dec. 5. If it still hurts then, I'll have it checked out. That should still leave me time to train for the half marathon even if it does turn out to be something. Smart? Probably not. Nobody claimed I was.

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