Friday, December 10, 2010

Got the fever

And in this case, I don't mean running's the real deal. This all started Wednesday afternoon. I came home, curled up in my chair and slept for an hour. I could tell I had a fever, but it wasn't bad. Then yesterday morning, I went to school and could feel when the ibuprofen kicked in. Unfortunately, the afternoon dose of Tylenol didn't do the trick and I felt awful by the time I got home. I made plans with our secretary for a sub for today, which I hate to do...I really thought it would be a "just in case" deal where I'd stay home and regret missing a day. Wrong. I've felt awful all day. My fever hit 101 this afternoon when I felt the worst. It finally broke an hour or so ago. I just wish I knew what was wrong. I don't feel awful other than the fever (and the aches that come with it). However, I am starting to feel some congestion in my chest, so that must be it.

I really had it in my head that I'd be fine today and could even squeeze in a run outside this afternoon...boy, was that a misguided idea. I'm doing good to stay upright today. At least I'm not in the middle of training yet and can afford the time off.

But, in the spirit that I'd really rather be running, here are 10 things that would make great stocking stuffers for the runners you know. I'm sure I could have figured out a better way of organizing these lists...but you did see the part about me running a fever, right? Not the best for brain power.

1. Ear buds. I've yet to find the perfect pair. Ones that look good, stay in good, and sound good.

2. iTunes gift cards. Music. A treadmill-bound girl's best friend.

3. PowerBar Energy Chews. I love these things. I use them even on short runs starting at the first mile. No weird side effects. No gagging.

4. Mini Clif Bars. And these. Perfect size. About 100 calories. Great before a not-too-long run.

5. Chapstick. This one has SPF in it. Smart move.

6. Body Glide. To be honest, I don't have to use this a lot. It does work on some of my blister-prone areas of my feet.

7. Tylenol Precise or Icy Hot. I actually use Icy Hot more, but this new cream is good. Very strong warming effect.

8. Hair things. Yeah, I'm big on the technical terms.

9. Foot stuff...not just this set...any thing. Have you ever seen a runner's feet? Not pretty. Not at all.

10. Mary Kay's Energizing Lotion. This feels so good on tired legs and feet.

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