Monday, December 27, 2010

Let the training begin!

Today marks Day 1 in my half marathon training...and it's an easy day, which is good, since I haven't run but once a week since the White Rock Marathon Relay at the beginning of the month. I'm debating on whether to run outside (where it's really cold) or on the treadmill (where the garage isn't quite as cold). I do have some new running gear from Christmas gifts: a SpiBelt, a long sleeve compression shirt (with thumbholes!), a fleece vest, two new BondiBands, and The Stick. I ordered myself some running sleeves last night as a Christmas present to myself (because I obviously didn't get myself enough before Christmas...heehee...a 3-in-1 jacket, a running hat, iPod I do get to order myself some Phiten gear as well thanks to a sweet hubby's gift. I'm planning on the blue Air necklace and a 2nd generation bracelet and the stickers. Can't wait!

But back to the training...I am really going to try and stick to my training plan so that I'm ready to go when March 27 rolls around. That means that I HAVE to fit in strength training...I just know that it's going to make a big difference in my running.

It is so hard on Christmas break to fit in my running. It should be easier, especially this week when my husband's home as well, but it just isn't. Probably because I let myself sleep in (you know, all the way to 7:30). But by then, the kids are up and I haven't run. It's just too easy to get busy with them, the house, chores, being lazy, having fun, eating, etc.

But I AM going to run today...oh, yes, I am...even if I have to do it after Christmas #5 tonight!

***Update: I did manage to fit in my run after making a quick run to the store for ingredients for the dishes I took to tonight's Christmas. I was scheduled for an easy 2 miles, but the Garmin died at 9/10 of a mile. I had to guess the rest. According to MapMyRun, I ran 2.5 miles, so not too bad. I have a feeling I'll be a little sore tomorrow (but a good sore) just because it's been so long. It felt great to be outside. I wore my new long sleeve shirt (with thumbholes!), new fleece vest, long tights and my new BondiBand over my ears. It was just about right. I did get a little warm and figured out a way to cool off without too much trouble. I unzipped my fleece vest most of the way and pulled my arms out, leaving the top part flapping across my rear. It worked though. The run put me in a little bit of a rush to get everything ready to go tonight, but that's ok...totally worth it.

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