Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Virtual 5K

It's ironic that I got up to run my Independence Virtual 5K this morning, put on by Let's Move It Mommas, this morning and was greeted by my little buddy while I was getting ready. Normally, my runs are my "me" time, my time without a little dependent hanging on me...but not this morning. He woke up earlier than normal (although he is my usual early bird). I didn't want to make my husband get up on his day off, so I thought I'd just take my son with me. That entailed getting the jogging stroller down from its hooks and finding all the parts to turn it from a bike trailer into a jogger...not so easy. I finally found all the parts but I couldn't figure out how to get the front wheel on right. So, after a couple of tries on the computer, I found the instructions and it only took me running back in to look at them to get the wheel on right...or at least close enough to go.

And that was after I'd tried the other stroller as well. I didn't learn until after we got back that this one is only a bike trailer.

Of course, as soon as I got Ryan strapped in to the right stroller and started to push him down the driveway, I realized we had another problem...the tires were flat! That meant I had to find the air pump, another challenge in itself. I did find it and got the tires aired up. I threw the pump in the stroller, just in case, and off we went. We left the house about an hour later than I'd hoped, which wouldn't be a big deal, but the temps here are crazy hot as soon as the sun comes up.

I've never run with either of my kids in the jogger. We've used it mostly as a bike trailer. I had to take a couple more walk breaks than I normally take, mainly because I couldn't carry my water in my hand and still steer the stroller. Since it's the Fourth, there were flags out in the neighborhood I like to run, so I had to stop and take a picture. Unfortunately, the flags didn't show up well.

I had my son all set up with water, a granola bar and raisins, and he was pretty content for most of the run. The sun in his eyes bothered him, and he didn't like that I go around the north part of the neighborhood twice. He wanted to try new streets instead of seeing the same ones.

Overall, I really enjoyed the run. We played "I Spy" for a little while, looked at and listened to the birds, noticed the trees/flowers...the cutest thing? Right as we started, we saw a squirrel cross the street, and my son said, "Look, Momma, a beaver!" How funny!

We got back to the house and my husband and daughter were still asleep, so Ryan and I headed outside to enjoy the breeze. I had my iced coffee (which is another post, if you like that sort of thing) and he had a popsicle. Then he wanted to drag all the toys out of the garage. My hubby joined us after a while, and we just enjoyed being outside before it got too hot.

I love my Super Mom BondiBand...I definitely felt like it today pushing him around the neighborhood. Because we got started later than normal, there were a lot of people out today. I got to talk with Ryan about how it's nice to tell people "Good morning!" when we see them. Plus, I got to set a good example for him and just spend some time one-on-one with him.

So, maybe it wasn't my most "independent" run, but I loved it!

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