Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It was time for another exhaustion test today...and the results are...(drum roll, please)....

Crunches: 210
Pushups: 25

Oh, yes, I did it! I reached the goal of 200 crunches. I'll continue with the workouts, but I will start substituting different kinds of ab exercises for each set, so my workouts will look like this:
W6D1: 70/85/52/45/85+
W6D2: 33/33/45/45/36/36/32/32/90+
W6D3: 39/39/50/50/39/39/33/33/105+

And 25 pushups does bump me up to Week 3 this time...and not even the first column! I'll be moving to the second column (and I was almost in the third column!). My workouts will look like this:
W3D1: 12/17/13/13/17+
W3D2: 14/19/14/14/19+
W3D3: 16/21/15/15/21+
Exhaustion Test

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