Sunday, February 19, 2012

Foggy fun

Last night, I got a text from my sister asking if I was going to run this morning. I was going to text her the same thing, so we made plans to run together this morning. I'm glad we did. I'm not sure I would have made myself get out of bed had she not been waiting for me!

But I'm so glad I did!

We had a great run together. We didn't really have any specific goals, pace or distance, in mind, so we took it easy, explored a new route and enjoyed the run.

We went down to the lake trail, and this is what we found:

We decided not to run the trail since we couldn't see anything, but we did enjoy stopping and enjoying the view. We headed back the direction we came and ran through a neighborhood we don't usually go through. Overall...a really great run!

Weekly: 10.7 miles (not counting today...I never know which way to put Sunday)
YTD: 111.8 miles


  1. Sounds like a great run!
    Weekly: 16 miles
    YTD: 81 miles

  2. Gorgeous views! Last time I ran in the fog was at night after watching some stupid zombie movie. Didn't seem so stupid once I was out and couldn't see more than 10 feet in front of me.
    Those runs like you had today- unplanned, new route, can be the best!!

  3. What great views!! I love running in fog in the hair gets lots of drops on it! That is thick though!