Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

This was the weekend that just almost didn't happen. However, I'm so glad everything finally straightened out so we could enjoy our weekend away.

When we booked our hotel with Priceline, we were so excited when we got the Gaylord Texan at a decent rate! We decided to celebrate our 10th anniversary a little early and got another night.

We got an email overnight from the race directors advising those in the 15K that run slower than 12:00/miles to consider moving to the 5K to avoid hypothermia and excess exposure to the cold. Granted, it wasn't that cold, but by Texas standards, I guess it was. I know the race officials were worried people wouldn't dress appropriately for the weather since we're not used to it. I think it was 31 at race time with a colder wind chill.

We met up with my parents, my sister and her husband in the parking lot to get our bibs, including the ones we wore for the virtual run for Sherry Arnold. It was so cold that we didn't want to get out there any earlier than we had to.

We didn't hang around the start line long before it was time to go. The corral was really crowded, mainly because people kept joining us even if that wasn't their assigned corral. It worked out fine though. We ran the first mile without any walk breaks, and after that, our walk breaks were short and usually just for uphill sections. I was really proud of Chad! He did great!

We went and got our chocolate fix indoors (thank goodness!) before heading out to the finish line to watch my mom and sister finish. However, we didn't realize that there was a different finish line for the about 1/3 of a mile away! Since Dad was walking with a walking stick and in one real shoe and one slide, I grabbed the camera and took off. I got there in time to see a couple of friends and my sister finish, but I totally missed Mom's finish. She was only about 3 minutes behind Carrie, but I never saw her. They did great! I wish I could run as fast as they do!

After they got their chocolate fondue fix, we headed out for brunch. We originally headed to Twisted Root, a burger place (yes, I know it's not really brunch, but it sounded good). However, it was closed "for deep cleaning." The nearest one wasn't open yet either. We found a pancake place, but the only parking was in a parking lot that had a sign saying "Manny's Parking Only: Towaway Zone." We decided we'd take our chances, but when we walked down the block, we realized that place was packed. Since we were already in Manny's parking lot, we decided to eat there. It's funny how things work out...we walked in thinking we'd be eating a Mexican food lunch, but the menu showed breakfast was served all day long...and it was awesome!

Chad and I were the only ones who were staying another night, so after brunch, we headed back to our hotel. We stopped at Grapevine Mills first and then Chick-Fil-A for lunch (yum!). The best thing about a weekend uninterrupted nap! Well, it was uninterrupted for me. Apparently, I was so out of it that I never even heard housekeeping try to come in the room. We went out Saturday night as a Valentine's Day/anniversary celebration.

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