Friday, February 10, 2012

Three Thing Thursday

1. Look what came in the mail this week! I gotta say, I love the bling! I was so excited to get my Rock Encore medal for doing two Rock N Roll Series Half Marathons this past year...first Dallas, then Vegas. I know it's a marketing trick, but it sure makes me want to do three this year :)

2. It has been a crazy week. My son was sick on Thursday, went to the doctor, found out he had a sinus infection, got the ok to go to preschool, went to school, and threw up. My daughter was running a fever last night but seems ok now. My dad, who was supposed to run this weekend, stepped on a nail last night and spent a good chunk of the night in the ER. My mom, who was also supposed to run this weekend, is having major back issues and pain. We're down from 8 running this, to 6, and now 3.
3. But...I am so ready for this weekend. It has been a stressful, crazy, long week, and a weekend away with my hubby is just what I need. We'll be running the Hot Chocolate 5K together...and it's his first race! I'm excited enough about that, but then my awesome husband went and scored us an amazing hotel on Priceline for not one, but two, nights! Happy Valenetine's Day to us!


  1. Sorry you've had a rough week but so excited to hear how tomorrow goes! Best of luck to you and Chad!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend in the making! Sorry for the crazy week. Yay for the bling. I've got 2 RnR events on tap this year for the bling of it.