Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday sound-off...from the road

My Mother's Day gift to myself was a wonderful long sunrise run this morning. Granted, it meant I had to get up early this morning to fit it in. The alternative was to stay in bed a little longer, but considering I had one or both kids in bed with me most of the night, the run definitely won out!

And I'm so glad it did! There wasn't anything magical about the run. In fact, I wasn't sure I'd make it more than a couple of miles at first. But around three miles, it started to feel really good. It felt good to just leave the cares and stresses of this week out on the road. And I knew the rest of this weekend would be busy and crazy, so I banked those good feelings for when I need them.

I did spend part of the run sending good running vibes to my dear friend Chandra, who had her first five-mile race today. She's only been running about two months, and she rocked it! Her goal was to finish in under an hour and she made it in 53 and some change! I am so proud of you, my sole sister!!!

As I write, we are on the way to visit some of my hubby's family a few hours away. We'll have breakfast with his mom and family in the morning and make the drive back to have lunch with my mom and Granny tomorrow. Thank goodness for my husband's iPad! I can get my update done and not procrastinate.

So, without further ado, here's the weekly mileage report:
Weekly: 17.5 miles
YTD: 282 miles

One cool thing about this week (and I have no idea if I've already blogged this) is Wednesday's run. Id had several students ask if they could run with me, so I set up Wednesday afternoon as a chance to do that. I had invited a guy coach to run with us since a lot of the students asking about it were guys. There ended up being six of us altogether. It was a lot of fun. The kids were all pretty good runners to start with. We did have one that headed back to school after a little over a mile. We kept up a ten-minute-per-mile pace for a 5K. It was pretty warm outside, but it was neat to share this part of my life with my students. I'm really hoping next year to start some sort of running club or fitness group. Several other teachers are interested as all. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of the idea.


  1. Weekly: 21 miles

    Awesome that the students wanted to get out an run! A lady in my last class actually applied for a grant from the Saucony Run for Good Foundation to be used for after school running programs.

  2. Your vibes must have been pushing me along on Saturday!

    Week: 13 miles
    YTD: 69 (I think I'll hit 100 miles this month!!)

  3. 30 Weeks Pregnant
    Too much stuff going on this week with the move = not a lot of miles...
    Week: 6.77
    YTD: 204.79