Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Weekly Mileage Report

This week did not go as planned in the running realm. I ran Monday and Wednesday...and that was it. I went to the local water park with our eighth graders on Thursday and thought I did pretty good with not sunburning...that is, until that evening. That's when my sunburn showed up and hurt! I had wanted to run that evening, but I wasn't able to squeeze it in, which is unfortunate, because the weather was really nice that evening. It didn't stay that way! It has already hit 110* here this weekend! I had to be back at school for a workday on Saturday at 7, which meant I couldn't get in my normal long run then either. And Saturday was back-to-back activities all day anyway. So, I'll just get back in the groove in the morning. Since my hubby is off tomorrow, I'm hoping to sneak out while it's relatively cool and get a few miles in outdoors.

But for now, here's the sad weekly miles:
Weekly: 6 miles
YTD: 319.9 miles

Post your miles...and happy running!


  1. 33 Weeks Pregnant
    Weekly: 10.26 miles
    YTP: 230.25 miles

    Only 20 miles till my goal... let's hope they come before Parker comes!

  2. Weekly: 14 miles (longest long run so far)
    YTD: 109 miles

    This puts me over my monthly goal of 5o miles (currently @ 53 miles in May and hoping for another 3 miles this afternoon). I'm also over the 100 mile mark for the year!! Exciting!