Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Scheduling

It's Sunday...time to think about this week. The training plan has me doing roughly the same things, just less of them, and I guess I'll stick with the plan.

Monday-2 miles (2, really? I've gotten so used to a minimum of 3 that I'm not sure how this will feel.)
Tuesday-strength train (still not a habit, but I've done it more often)
          -t-ball game
Wednesday-speedwork...2x800 w/ 400 recovery jogs
          -really long meeting after school
Thursday-strength train (maybe an easy 2?)
          -dance for SB
Saturday-10K Race!

I am really, really hoping I can break the 60-minute barrier this weekend!

And, of course, I'm already thinking past the race. I don't have any races planned for the near future, so I don't have a training plan. I've got to find a maintenance plan or make one up so I'll have something to follow. I can start my half plan now, but it gives me lots of really long runs doing it that way. I'm not sure I want that many. Something to think about.

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