Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls

So what makes this Wednesday wonderful? Let's see...

*Only a day and a half left of school...and most of tomorrow will be spent at the local waterpark.
*I didn't have to cook tonight because we had plenty of leftovers.
*The kids crawled up on the bed with me this afternoon and let me rest for a few minutes after school.
*The calf cramp from yesterday has mostly least enough to let me run this morning.
*My husband and son brought me lunch at school, and of course, my little one charmed the socks off everyone around.
*I got to watch the video of my daughter's sign language choir performance...made me tear up a little. I can't believe she's almost done with kindergarten!

Maybe I should look at the "wonderfuls" a little more. It definitely changes my perspective...for the better.

I did realize today that I really, really have to get control of my afternoon eating. It's crazy. When 3 p.m. hits, all bets are off. I hate to admit it, but from 3-4 today, I had two little brownies, a 200-calorie bag of Goldfish and an M&M cookie. Yuck. Nothing in there's healthy in the least. And lunch wasn't good for me either today (at least not physically...seeing my husband and son did my heart good though). At least tomorrow's a new day.


  1. I know how you feel. I'm struggling with finding the right amount of calories. I'm still trying to lose some weight, but want to be sure I have the energy for my runs (and enough energy for life in general). Its tricky.

  2. The 3 pm snack attack hits me, too! I think it's embedded in us in elementary that when we come home from school, we're supposed to have a snack. And it's ok, if I could every figure out something healthy to eat. I'm stuck on wild berry pop tarts right now!