Saturday, September 15, 2012

Five Faves

Today's Fitness Cheerleader blog post challenge is "What are your five favorite veggies?"

To be honest, until I started trying to lose weight 3 years ago, most of my veggies were rather boring and mostly beans, corn, carrots, peas. That was about it, with an occasional salad.

Now, here are my five faves:
1. Spinach, raw only. I add it to sandwiches, eggs, wraps, smoothies, etc. Love it.
2. Broccoli, steamed with a little salt.
3. Zucchinni, grilled, roasted or sauteed.
4. Carrots, raw. Now a total standby for snacking and lunches.
5. Tomatoes.


  1. I try to throw spinach into everything!! I am a fan of zucchinni, summer squash, pumpkin, corn, asparagus, more or less any veggie!!!

  2. You know me - I'm not a huge veggie fan, but I have been expanding my horizons since I started participating in this fruit/veggie co-op. I've discovered that leeks taste like onions (and I even sub'ed leeks for onions in a few recipes). I like roasted brussels sprouts. I now will eat spagetti squash in place of spagetti (doesn't completely replace the craving I get for a huge pile of spagetti, but its a good replacement). I like acorn squash with cinnamon. I now have a great way to cook cauliflower. This co-op has been great for our health!

  3. 5 faves....

    Spinnach! Love it only raw and the only leaf we use for salads
    Carrots! plain or with hummus (raw again)
    Asparagus...stir fried in 1 tbsp of veggie oil and fresh garlic....mmmmm love garlic...
    Eggplant: cooked as egg plant parmesan or with plain pasta
    Peppers: Raw! Plain or with hummus (and not the hot peppers!!)

  4. I have found that I like brussels sprouts too, Chandra, after hating them when I was younger. And I forgot about peppers! I add red peppers to just about everything!