Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shortgrass Scamper Race Recap

The cousins at the start line

Getting ready

Friday night, Chad had to shoot football and Ryan informed me that he did not want to run the next morning, so Saturday's race was just SB and me. We got there and got our bibs and swag bags (which were awesome, by the way...far better than many big/expensive races I've fun). SB had two cousins running the one mile and decided she wanted to run with them and not me. I was fine with that. It was very cool to see her have a chance to be independent and do something without me. I'm sure if she had run with me, she would have complained and walked...but not with them! She ran her mile in 11:00 :) I think that is awesome! She and her cousins took the first, second and third places in their division...she's so proud of her medal!

If we hadn't been in my small hometown, I would not have felt comfortable letting her run without me or hang around the start/finish while I ran. However, she had grandparents, cousins, and lots of family friends around, so it was a great for both of us.

The quarter marathon and 5K started a half hour after the one-mile, so I was able to see her finish. I started the QM with my sister, who ended up having to push her 1-year-old in the stroller. My Garmin wouldn't turn on right before the race, so Carrie was my Garmin. However, that only lasted to about the half way point, and off she went. My sister-in-law also ran, but I could only see the blur of her orange shirt ahead of us.

I felt very slow, like moving through quicksand, especially in the middle. My foot wasn't  hurting, but I could feel it, if that makes sense. I'm pretty sure when my mom planned the course, she went out and found every hill possible. The QM course ran the 5K course and then looped back and ran it backwards. So every hill we went down the first time was uphill the second.

I came in second in my age division...because there were only two of us. And if I had realized at the 6 mile mark that the chic passing me was in my age division, I would have stuck with her! However, I finished in 1:09:21. I didn't think that was too great, but when I entered it into DailyMile (remember, no pace info), I realized that it was a 10:43 pace...for 6.55 miles. I've been running 11/11:30 pace, so I was pretty happy with that. Plus, I came across that finish line strong and felt good.

Overall, this race is so well organized (and I'm not just saying that because my mom is in charge!). Plenty of water stations and volunteers on the course made it nice. The shirts this year for the new QM distance were tech material...and teal! And like I said, the swag bags were great!
We had to pair up with our "matching medal" kid :)

I'm hoping to get some more pictures from Mom since she had her camera there, they had a photographer at one of the intersections we crossed a couple of tiems, so there should be some action shots too.

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun! I love how much "togetherness" you have with your family. Be sure to cherish that (advice from someone who doesn't get enough "togetherness" with her family)! xoxo