Monday, September 17, 2012

This week's plans

I have to get back in the habit of setting up my week on Sundays, both in my head and my house. It helps so much to check the calendar, plan a few meals and snacks, and get things ready.

I'm also in between training plans...not races, though. I have a half marathon training plan that was much too lofty post-surgery and with foot issues and a catch-up plan that I'm actually ahead of. It would help immensely, if I'd write out my plan, a combo of the two I currently have. Maybe I'll get that done today, if all else goes well.

And I know that planning my meals and snacks really does help me stay on track. We're at the last weigh-in of the Lose a (Half) Marathon contest with Run with Jess...and I didn't come near my goal. I lost 4 pounds total, fluctuating back and forth with a couple of pounds constantly. I know I have to add something to my exercise routine in order to make any progress. It's finding the time that is the problem.

So, here's this week in a nutshell:
Monday--run 2.5 miles
     snack: oops...forgot to pack one...maybe a protein bar?
     after school: gymnastics/Body Combat (here's to hoping my son will actually go to childcare)
     dinner: baked potatoes with chili
Tuesday--picture day at school
     snack: PB2 and an apple
     after school: Choice Tour at school
     dinner: crockpot southwest chicken and dumplings
Wednesday--run 3 miles
     snack: grapes and almonds
     after school: faculty meeting/cross country practice
     dinner: eat at church before Hang Time
Thursday--run 2 miles
     snack: ham rollups
     after school: cross country practice
     dinner: Date Night!
     snack: trail mix
     after school: fun time with the kids :)
     dinner: bbq hotdogs
Saturday--Shortgrass Scamper Quarter Marathon! and small group
Sunday--church...and my brother will be home from Kenya!

Ok, so you really didn't need all that, but I sure did :)

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  1. It's going to be hard to add exercise to your day until after you're done with the 1/2 marathon. You don't want to risk over doing it. I think you should keep doing what you're doing until then and then add some serious cardio that will work muscles that you don't normally use when you run. I personally recommend Insanity, but I hear P90X is good too.