Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Mileage Update

Last week's miles (counting Sunday's run): 18.15
YTD: 180.3 miles

It doesn't look like I'll hit 200 by the end of March like I'd hoped (unless I really kick it up a notch...but since I don't think I can run Saturday, that may be out), but that's ok. Considering I am not training for any races, I'm happy with my mileage.

I do wish I could have done some of the local races. We even had a half marathon a couple of weeks ago. I had wanted to do it but couldn't because we didn't know the kids' sports schedules or my hubby's umpire load. There are several 5K, 10K or even 15K races coming up, but we just can't fit them in around the soccer games, t-ball games, practices and work schedules.

I am going to work back up to being able to do a ten-miler, and I hope I can do at least one a month, just to stay race-ready (at least closer to it).


  1. You're doing great!

    Week (through Saturday): 18 miles
    YTD (through Saturday): 162 miles

  2. You're doing great! It's a challenge to work with everyone's schedules!

  3. great job! I think a ten-miler once a month is a GREAT goal, I might try it too! help keep us motivated and out there, running!!!

    keep it up!