Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Thing Thursday

1. Sports are in season at our house! SB is playing soccer this season, and Ryan is playing t-ball (and Daddy is umpiring baseball). It makes for busy weeks with practices and games, but it's fun watching the kids learn and improve. We've had a lot of rain here lately, so practices are being shuffled like crazy.

2. We tried the new Kraft Fresh Takes kits (in bacon and monterery jack flavor) tonight. It was really yummy! The kids even ate the chicken, and that's saying something :) I think I'll give the other flavors a try as well as try other recipes using the kits (like meatballs or roasted potatoes).

3. Tomorrow is Friday. Oh, wait...that's the case every Thursday. Still, I'm glad the weekend is almost here. It's going to be another busy one, but I'm hoping to find a few minutes of me time...a long run, some scrapbooking time, painting my toenails...anything will work :)

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