Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday: Museum of World Treasures

It was a good thing that we went to the outdoor Cowtown Musuem on Saturday because it was indeed rainy on Sunday. The museum had lots of interesting things, and of course, Ivan the T-Rex was a hit with the boys. The kids enjoyed finding the answers to the scavenger hunt throughout the museum for a little prize.

We ate lunch at Hog Wild, visited a mall, and ate dinner at Carlos O'Kelly's. I'm not a fan ofMexican food, and my food was really disappointing.

I will say I managed to eat somewhat healthily. I didn't really snack a lot, kept my portions in check and made wise choices when I could. I didn't have too many issues with my stomach, so that was good. I've got my sonogram on my gallblader in the morning. I'm hoping that gives me some answers.

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