Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Try It Tuesday

Here is something you have to try!

I found the Better Oats brand of oatmeal on clearance at my local grocery store, so I picked up a few boxes. I got the Chai Latte flavor because I love me some chai. It has a very subtle, not-too-sweet flavor. I really haven't been eating a lot of oatmeal lately.

But then, I found this:

Dark Chocolate oatmeal! It is so good! I added just a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk after I had cooked the oatmeal. It didn't feel like a breakfast at all. I can see myself snacking on this stuff before bed.

The Better Oats oatmeal comes in 9 brands, including Oat Revolution, Abundance (includes flax seeds), Lavish (there's the chocolate one!), mmm...Muffins, OatFit (100 calories, no added sugar), Raw Pure and Simple (there's my chai; includes whole grains and seeds).

There are lots of flavors, although my local store doesn't carry all the brands or flavors. I currently have the chocolate, chai latte, peaches and cream, cinnamon roll, and apple cinnamon. Nothing beats the chocolate though!


  1. Chocolate oatmeal?? Sign me up!!!

  2. Are they instant? How long do they take to cook?

  3. They are microwaveable (you actually measure the water using the pouch the oatmeal comes in). It takes 2 minutes. Just a warning...put them in a bigger bowl than you expect. They puff up and will explode in your microwave.