Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday: Cowtown Museum

I wasn't sure what we were getting into with the Cowtown Museum, but I knew it was outdoors. We decided to visit it on Saturday because the weather was nice, and we were looking at rain on Sunday.

It turned out to be a really neat turn-of-the-century town setup. The kids loved being able to explore somewhat independently and seeing all of the buildings in the town. We saw a church, school, blacksmith, grain elevator, farm, saloon, pharmacy, dentist, hotel, and tailors. Ryan had to tell the guys in the carpentry workshop that the tools weren't like the ones his Poppy has in his workshop. Sarah Beth seemed to like the school the most. It was a beautiful day and nice to get to spend a couple hours walking around.

That was our big event for Saturday. We also went to a Sheplers and ate at a Spangles for a late lunch. That night, we decided to go easy on dinner and picked up McDonald's for the kids and Subway for the rest of us. However, e wait was ridiculous by the time we got to Subway. The kids were staying with Shawn and Chris, so Chad and I actually got to go to a part of Wichita called Oldtown and eat at Old Chicago. It was really nice to get some "us" time.

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