Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Run for Boston

Image from Run With Jess. Love it.

I really don't have words for today, the day after such a tragedy amidst what should have been a celebration of hard work, determination, and perseverance. My mind can not fathom what those involved in yesterday's chaos must feel this morning as they wake up...some missing loved ones, some injured, some shaken. Everyone touched.

I know that runners are a community--a caring, supportive, tight community. This senseless act has shaken that community to the very core. It very well could have been any one of us at any race, watching, volunteering, cheering, running. It could have been our husbands, our friends, our parents, our children. That hits a spot that's not easy to calm.

So this morning, I did what I know I can do. I ran...4.09 miles to remember Boston, to remember the families, to remember the runners, to remember the emergency workers, to remember the volunteers, to remember the survivors and the victims. To push my body when I can't calm my mind. To pray for peace. To pray for answers. To pray for healing.

I'm wearing a race shirt today to show the camarderie of runners. I sent my daughter off to school in her own race shirt. She doesn't know the horrors of yesterday, only that something bad happened at the end of a big race. It was her choice to wear hers, and this momma is proud of her choice to support people she doesn't know because of what they have experienced.

I know that runners will continue doing what they do. We will run. And we will remember.

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