Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday To-Do

Updated: I wanted to share with you how I'm making my goals (for now). I created this little reminder/worksheet for each week. I actually copied them off 2 on each side of a page so I could fold it to make a booklet for the year. I listed my priorities at the top so that my goals would always line up with them in some way. It's not perfect, and I probably need a system for monthly/yearly goals as well. For now, though, this is helping me choose my actions a little better.

This week's goals  (I'll probably try to do this on Sunday nights later, but for today, it works.)

1. Finish painting the red walls
2. Put up Ryan's clothes
3. Declutter our room

1. Make bedtime pleasant
2. Get a birthday gift for SB's teacher
3. Plan for birthday gifts for the spring birthdays

1. Take my vitamins daily
2. Strength train twice this week
3. Go on a family walk


  1. Love the goals!!
    I ALWAYS say I'm going to write goals like this and never do :-((

  2. I need to start doing this again.