Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday To-Do

Making some goals for the week last week really helped, although we didn't accomplish everything. I'm ok with that. It helped me to focus on a few things instead of getting overwhelmed (which I almost did a couple of times). These are new goals. I'm not going to carry over missed goals from last week...at least not right now. The goal here is to NOT get overwhelmed :)

Goals for this week
1. Sort/go through Ryan's toys
2. Clean (and keep clear) flat surfaces
3. Prep meals in advance to make sure we can eat at home

1. Buy birthday gifts for family
2. Plan Chad's birthday with the kids
3. Spend less time on Facebook and Pinterest, especially when the kids are awake

1. 20 miles to finish my 26.2 for Boston
2. WOW workouts x2
3. Stretch/foam x3 (going to need it with the increased mileage)

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