Sunday, April 28, 2013

SBBC Final Week

I'm sad to say, but this week didn't go as I'd hoped. Testing week at school is really rough. I managed all my miles though. However, the strength training and stretching just didn't happen. And I didn't log my food. I know I did well with my water, but I didn't keep track of my fruits/veggies (so I'm not logging any points there, even though I'm sure that at least a couple of days I met my goal).

I also didn't ever get around to wagering any points. I had planned on wagering 26.2 for the 26.2 miles I planned on running for Boston, which I did.

Here's my exercise points for the week:
Monday: 4 miles in 40:00=4 points
-stretching for 10:00=1 point
Wednesday: 5 miles in 46:30=4.6 points
Thursday: 5 miles in 44:45 plus .25 miles walking in 4:15=4.5 points
Saturday: 3 miles in 26:38=2.7
-20 minute walk/hike with the kids while camping=2
Sunday: last 3 miles of my 26.2 in 31:xx plus .65 walk/run (total time 38:30)=3.8 points

Total points: 22.6 points

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