Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three Thing Thursday 4/25

1. We're going camping, we're going camping! It's ridiculous how excited going camp makes me :) This time, we're going with friends, which we've never done before. It's just one night, and we're going to the closest state park so we can get there and back quickly. It doesn't matter...we are getting away!

2. State testing is over as of yesterday...well, not over, over. We have a relatively small group of students that will have to take the second administration in May. But the worst part is behind us, thank goodness. Being cooped up in a room with students (not even my own) for two days with no talking takes its toll...on all of us!

3. I have now run 20.2 miles since Saturday. Just 6 more to go to reach my goal of 26.2 for Boston between April 20 and April 29. Yay! Surprisingly, my legs are doing really good today. (I'm hoping to finish up with the last couple of easy miles with friends Sunday while we are camping.)


  1. There's nothing ridiculous about being excited to go camping! We're going to and I can't wait!!! Also taking Monday off...but that's for doctors appointments. Great job on the miles!!!

  2. Ya know we love camping!! Hope y'all had a great weekend!