Sunday, April 21, 2013

SBBC Week 8

Water: check
Freggies: 7.5
Exercise: none. I had totally planned on doing a WOW once the kids went to bed, but after what happened in Boston, my husband and I were glued to the TV news.

Water: check
Freggies: 9
Exercise: 4.09 miles for Boston in 37:06, plus .25 miles cooldown in 4:15=4.1 points

Water: check
Freggies: 7.5
Exercise: 30 minute Sworkit circuit=3 points

Water: check
Freggies: 7
Exercise: 2.62 miles in 30 minutes=3 points
-10 minutes of ab Sworkit=1 point
-10 minutes of stretching/foam rolling=1 point

Water: check
Freggies: 7
Exercise: none

Water: check
Freggies: 8
Exercise: YMCA 10K in 58:25=5.8 points

Water: check
Freggies: 2 (isn't that just awful?!)
Exercise: 30 minutes of circuit training using Sworkit and WOW 10=3 points

This Week's Totals
Water: 7
Freggies: 6
Exercise:  20 points (didn't quite meet my goal of 25 for the week)

And now we have one more week to go with the extension! I'm going to aim for 7 water, 7 freggies, and my 20 miles to round out my 26.2 for Boston. Add in 3 days of stretching/foam rolling (I'll need it with the increased mileage!) and I should have my 25 points this time around :)

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