Saturday, April 20, 2013

YMCA Beach Party 10K Recap

Ready to run
This morning, Sarah and I ran the YMCA Beach Party 10K. It started off cold (but not horrible!) in the mid-40s with a windchill in the 30s. It made it hard to decide what to wear, but knowing it was going to warm up quickly, I went with a tank and tights. It was a beach theme so she put a lei bracelet around her ponytail and I used a necklace one around my visor. I don't do the whole dress up thing for runs, but at least this way it didn't bother me while I was running.

We stayed warm inside the Y as long as possible after getting our chips. I handed out blue and yellow ribbons to pin to the bibs as a tribute to Boston. I also wore the Runners United to Remember Boston bib on my back. You just can't help but think of the runners and their friends and family as you hit the pavement these days.

The first mile was very cold and windy, but it warmed up quickly. Around mile 2, after just having told Sarah about my mom's newest injury, I spotted my parents on the side of the road! Sarah threw her headband and arm warmers to my mom because she had warmed up too much. We saw them again going under the bridge (actually Dad was on the bridge) and then when we went back under the bridge. It was like having our own paparazzi! It did force us to smile and try to look like we were feeling good :)

First spotting of my parents

Boston on my back

Another sighting

My dad on the bridge

Up the embankment to the sidewalk (and this wasn't even the last uphill)

My momma in her new footwear

Getting closer to done

We kept a pretty consistent pace throughout. Sarah's calf started hurting around mile 4, but she kept at it. The Y has a cruel and unusual way to end their races...up a hill, around a gazebo and down the hill (which terrifies me because the sidewalk curves around a fear is I'll get to flying down the hill and hit the water). Still, I kind of dig the hill there...charging up it at the end is a thrill!

I finished in 58:25, getting third in our age division. I was pleased with a sub-60. I remember when that used to be my ultimate goal. It wasn't a PR, but that's ok. We weren't able to hang around for the awards since we had mom duty in the tball dugout, so we had to wait until results were posted this afternoon. We did enjoy some fruit and pumpkin bread...and of course the chocolate milk I brought us :)

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  1. Great job! Can't wait to see the "action" photos!