Friday, March 27, 2009


How can kids be my greatest joy and my greatest challenge? Sarah Beth can be sooooo much fun...and then turn around and jump on my last nerve or push me to my limit. Ryan is absolutely adorable...but he says very few words, and while I try not to let that bother me, I wish he would talk, especially when I hear of other kids his age saying the cutest things.

I have, however, managed to find some time to scrapbook a little recently. Of course, it would be slightly better if I was scrapbooking for myself. Instead, I am making a birthday gift for my mom...layouts ready to go so she can finish them quickly. I think she'll like it; at least, I hope she will! I am seriously considering making "kits" like this for myself on a regular basis. It's pretty cool to have layouts that just need pictures.

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