Sunday, December 15, 2013

Support Crew

I know my blogging has been, well, nonexistent, but I just have to get this one in there. Yesterday, I ran my first 20-miler, and I had the most amazing support crew ever! I had to miss last week's "fall back" run of 10 miles (which I was really looking forward to after some long runs) because I was sick, so I was a little nervous heading into this run. But it all worked out.

I woke up and checked the weather. 38 degrees. I debated changing what I had planned to wear, but then I saw the wind chill. 18 degrees. Nope. I was fine with my cold weather gear. I ended up ready and waiting for the sky to lighten, heading out around 7:10. I had about 45 minutes on my own before meeting up with my sister, who would be finishing up teaching a BodyBack class at 8.

We got to run about 5 miles together before I dropped her at her car with about a mile back to my house to go alone. Once at home, I met up with Dad.

He was good for a 5K. Unfortunately, the best 3 mile route I know had us heading north right off the bat, and boy, was that north wind cold! We made the north neighborhood loop and headed back to the house where Mom was waiting.


I think Mom drew the short stick because my pace definitely fell off during her shift. We had about 5.75 miles together. It was awesome to have company for the majority of the run, with different conversations each time. I felt pretty darn good until right before mile 19. My back was already tight and I could feel my form slacking. But I did it!

I feel like that was a huge mental hurdle. Done. I know I still have two major long runs to go, but I feel good knowing I can do this. I came home, took a warm Epsom salt bath (yes, I know most people take an ice bath...trying something different), showered and got ready to leave. We had to eat, get my daughter some basketball shorts and get to the kids' basketball games (where I had to keep time for one and sit on the floor for the other). After that, we went for ice cream and shopping for Christmas gifts for church. We had a simple dinner of soup and sandwiches (and had to play restaurant for the kids). I was in quite a bit of pain last night, with the worst pain being my knee caps. Yes, my knee caps. I iced them and felt considerably better when I got up this morning. I'm still sore today, but I'm moving. In fact, I'm not sure I ever stopped moving today. With Christmas right around the corner, there's no time to stop :)

Monday, November 4, 2013


So I am way, way, way behind on blogging...but it's as good as time as any to jump back in.

It's official. I am training for my first (and likely only) marathon. It is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. I decided to do The Duel since it is a local winter race. I figure being able to sleep in my own bed the night before and take an ice bath in my own tub after makes it worth it.

This past weekend, I ran the Run with Lois 5k with my parents. It was a small town race in memory of Lois Luig who was stuck by a truck and killed while running last year. It was my mom's first race back from injury, and I was so glad to get to be there.

It was a brisk morning...Mom and I had the toughest time figuring out what to wear. We ended up in tights and long sleeves, ditching her wind pants and jacket before we ran. I wore tights, a tank, arm warmers and gloves, ditching a top jacket at the start line.  The course was an out and back up and down some hilly country roads. We managed 3.1 in 28:40, but the course was long so we ended up doing almost 3.4. Mom took third in her AG, and Dad took second in his. So proud of them!

As soon as I finished I dumped my gloves and headed back out on the course. Since it was a run/walk, I knew I'd be ok running on the course again. I made it to the top of the last hill before I turned around. I wasn't thinking too clearly though...I turned around because there weren't any walkers left, not realizing that I'd be passing them on the way back in. Still, I ended up doing a 10k in right at an hour.

But I wasn't done yet. After waiting for medals and door prizes (got to love small races), I headed home to finish up my long run. The drive home gave me time to eat a granola bar in addition to the banana I had after I finished running.  It also gave my legs time to get heavy and twitchy and for my body to get that post-run sleepiness.

But, after a quick "chat" with my legs, we headed out again. Those first two miles were super hard, and I really wished I had fit in a mile or two before the race or another one after. But, I made it. I ran 12 miles!

It probably wasn't the best way to do a long run, and it definitely wants easy, but it felt good overall.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday Fun, Part 2

Sarah Beth's party was the morning after Ryan's (I know...what the heck was I thinking?!). She wanted a butterfly/fairy tea that is what she got.

When the girls arrived, they got to decorate a charger plate (really, just a way to keep them busy while we worked on the next fun part).

Then, one at a time, I painted their faces with butterflies. Not perfect, but they liked it, and I learned a new skill.

The girls got to make a craft. We started with pipe cleaner and tissue paper butterflies. After that, they made up their own crafts.

Then, we had tea. Tea included butterfly shaped turkey and cheese sandwiches, ham and cheese tortilla rollups, chocolate chip scones (her specific request) fruit and veggies...and of course, flavored tea :)

After lunch, we had mini cupcakes, perfect for a tea (although not so perfect for 8 candles). 

Birthday Fun, Part 1

The kids' birthdays are a week apart in July, but we try to have their party early so more of their school friends can come. This year, we sent home the invites the last week of school and had the party the first week in June.

For Ryan, that meant a Skylander party. He's obsessed with the game. I'm really happy with the way the party turned out.

When his friends got here, we had them decorate a treasure bag for all the trinkets they'd win with the games. We had a game/activity for each of the 8 elements in the video game. Each game had its own prize.

The games
1. Earth: Dino-Rang's Boomerang Throw. The kids threw a boomerang at a stack of paper party cups (chompies).

2.  Water: Thumpback's Whale Toss. The kids threw whale/shark swim toys into buckets of water.

3. Tech: Bouncer's Ball Bounce. The kids tossed a bouncy ball into targets (cups).

4. Undead: Fright Rider's Freeze Tag. Self-explanatory, although the kids didn't quite understand how freeze tag works.

5. Air: Swarm's Balloon Sting. The kids formed two teams and had a relay race where they each had to "sting" a balloon and pop it.

6, 7 and 8 were all part of the food.

6. Magic: Pop Fizz's Magic Potion. The kids mixed KoolAid Mix and Pop Rocks to form their own drinks.

7. Life: Tree Rex's Level Up Pizza. Food time!

8. Fire: Ignitor's Candle Lighting. Cake time!

I'm pretty pleased with the cake. I ordered a round cake with a thin layer of buttercream icing from United. Then I bought premade black fondant. I rolled it out and made the outer layer of the portal from the game. To give it the rock look, I used silver spray food coloring sprayed on a squished up paper towel to give it the mottled look I wanted.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Three Thing Thursday 6/6

1. I do not know what possessed me to have both kids' birthday parties at our house a week after school got out...and to have them on two consecutive days. Well, actually, I do know. With late summer birthdays, we like to be able to invite their school friends. And we didn't want to take up two separate weekends with the parties. But it has been a crazy week of busy-ness already even without the prep work. However, the parties are shaping up to be cute and fun.

2. It's summer! I thought they craziness would slow down, but it just transforms into a different kind. We've got library story times, special library events, summer movies, summer track, camps, reading programs, VBS and a lot of fun stuff at home planned. It really never slows down, does it?

3. Because it's summer, I'm trying to be focused with a lot of what we do. One of the things we are doing is this Around the World in 60 Days activity I found in Thriving Family magazine. I found a large wall map with velcro tags/animals/labels on clearance at Walmart and it's up in our hallway. Each day we learn a little about a new country, read a Bible verse, and do a simple activity. It's a fun way for the kids to learn something new while reinforcing our faith.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last 5 by the 5th (and National Running Day!)

I ran a 5k Monday on the treadmill, just in case I wasn't able to get 5 miles in before the 5th of June. However, Wednesday, my sister, sister-in-law and I were able to meet up at 6:30 in the morning at the "lake" at our local university. It's really more of a pond :)

It was already 75 degrees and very humid, but we had a good run. I had really wanted to beat last month's time of 43:xx, but that didn't happen. I'm really struggling with the speed again here lately (and yes, I know I need to get back into my strength training). Still we came in under 50, so I'm ok with that

We didn't take a good picture of us (you know, one with our faces in the picture) before, and there was no way I was going to take one face was super red!

It was also National Running Day, so it was perfect for a run together...good run, good conversations, good times...that's what running is all about :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three Thing Thursday 5/23

1. It's my Friday! We have a four-day weekend. I wish we could say we were doing something fun, but it looks like house projects and cleaning are in store. Got to get ready for a baby shower being held at my house.

2. I can't believe the school year is almost over! I haven't really faced all that needs to be done before next Friday, but I guess I should get started making some lists. There are teacher gifts to buy, a classroom to close down, files to organize, etc. Plus, we need a summer activity list :)

3. The sun is coming up earlier and earlier...can't wait to be able to run outside! The garage is getting hot, and I'm ready for some fresh air. Now, if I could just get my running back on track. I'm hoping that getting outside will help.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This week's goals

Here are this week's goals...

1. Finish the dining room (yep, still working on this one)
2. File/declutter kids' papers
3. Take bookshelf to garage

1. Catch up on Bible reading
2. Focus on the kids in the evenings (no iPad, phone, etc.)
3. Plan something fun for Chad and me

1. Exercise/walk every day
2. No extra sweets
3. Take time for myself at least once this week (that's not running or working out)

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's a new week!

After totally getting off track planning for and then going to Disney World as a chaperone to 61 8th graders, I'm back! I had totally thought I could fit in workouts and maybe even a run or two there...yeah, right! We were up and going by 7 (read 5:30 or so wakeup time) and didn't get back into our rooms until after the 11 curfew (meaning a bedtime of midnight at the very earliest). Most nights we got 4 or 5 hours of sleep and were on the go the entire feet hurt so bad on Day 3 that I had to tape them up and keep taking ibuprofen.

Last week I was pretty much in survival mode after getting home after 12:30 (thank you, delayed flight) Monday night and having to be back at school bright and early Tuesday morning. Then Saturday, I ran in a Run for a Reason 5K (very small, very local)...and it was awful. I had to walk! I haven't done that in forever...I blame it on the heat, humidity, and not running for almost 2 weeks (and the 7 pounds I've added "found"...yuck!).

And now, here we are. Two weeks to go until school is out (talk about survival mode)! Plus, we have ballgames 4 out of 5 nights this week. But I'm determined not to make choices like I'm just surviving.

My sister, Carrie, and my best friend, Chandra, and I are all working on ways to make healthier choices. We each have our own little tweaks to make it work for us. For me, that means I'm cutting out added sweets (but allowing for special occasions), making sure I drink enough water, and eating all my fruits/veggies each day (which is hard because I haven't been to the store since I've been back).

This week's meal plan:
B-oatmeal and fruit and an iced coffee (yes, I know it has sugar, but I'm allowing my coffee!)
L-lentil/chickpea soup, carrots, pears, green smoothie (didn't have it as my snack)
D-sandwiches after tball

B-oatmeal and a banana
L-pita pocket sandwich, fruit and veggies
D-salsa chicken after softball

B-egg with avocado and salsa, fruit
D-shrimp boil (in the crockpot) after softball

B-smoothie (from the freezer section)
L-pita pocket with tuna, fruit and veggies
D-grilled chicken with sweet potatoes/aspargus (or potatoes/green beans) after tball

Friday (No school!)
D-burgers (working on the house)

L-(working on the house)
D-grill out (working on the house)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Anniversaries and 5 by the 5th for Three Thing Thursday

1. Twelve years ago today, my now-husband proposed to me as we watched this video on the ten o'clock news (we met working at the station). I can say he is definitely the perfect one for me. As any couple does, we've had our ups and downs, but I wouldn't want anyone else but him by my side as we parent our kids, handle the challenges of work, and enjoy life's little moments.

2. Four years ago today, I started running. The picture above is the Run for the Son 5K where we couldn't even run/walk the whole thing. That's what started my running. I can remember those first few runs coming in so hot and red-faced and having to sit in the shower because I felt like I'd pass out. And here I am now, having run 4 half marathons 4 years later.

Beat last month's time!

3. Because it's my runniversary, it's fitting that I did my 5 by the 5th today. I felt like I was moving in slow motion all morning, and the last mile was definitely hard. But I did it! I beat last month's time with negative splits and an average pace I'm just not used to seeing. Still amazing how far I've come in 4 years of running. Sometimes I forget that.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

26.2 for Boston

I kicked off my 26.2 for Boston with a 10K race April 20 with the goal of finishing 26.2 by April 29, which I did. This is about double my weekly mileage. I had some runs before the race, but I didn't want to count those because they weren't hard...frankly, I needed my 26.2 to be a challenge to honor those affected by the tragedy.

Adding Accountability

May's 30 Days Stronger Challenge hosted by Amanda at Run to the Finish comes at a great time for me. I'm really trying to add in strength training (like I've been trying to do for at least a year). The idea is to do 2-3 circuits of 4-8 reps of 3-5 exercises each day to prevent injury and build strength.

My sister has worked up a few mini cirucits for me, and now is the perfect time for them. Plus, she's challenged me to a plank and pushup challenge for May. I'm excited!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday To-Do

This week's goals

1. Paint the red walls (still not done)
2. Clean up the camper so it's ready for next time
3. Clean out my closet

1. Do the kids' devotionals with them at least 3 times
2. Plant flowers with the kids
3. Plan notes/surprises for kids and Chad while I'm gone next week

1. Strength train x2
2. Start plank/pushup challenge
3. Get more/better sleep

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Meal Plan

Another busy week, another plan to keep me sane...

B: eggs, potato, avocado and salsa (and a banana)
L: ham and avocado pita, cucumber and carrots
S: apple
D: chicken sandwiches with asparagus

B: oatmeal and fruit
L: lentils and tortillas/chips

S: pistachios
D: turkey chili and baked potatos

B: granola and fruit
L: leftovers
S: apple
D: church/fish fry

B: ham and egg pita
L: spaghetti and veggies
S: edamame
D: lentil soup

B: oatmeal and fruit
L: grownup lunchable with ham, crackers, Laughing Cow, grapes, and carrots
S: froyo with the kids
D: pancakes

B: sausage biscuits
L: sandwiches
D: Hmmm...grill out? Steak?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

SBBC Final Week

I'm sad to say, but this week didn't go as I'd hoped. Testing week at school is really rough. I managed all my miles though. However, the strength training and stretching just didn't happen. And I didn't log my food. I know I did well with my water, but I didn't keep track of my fruits/veggies (so I'm not logging any points there, even though I'm sure that at least a couple of days I met my goal).

I also didn't ever get around to wagering any points. I had planned on wagering 26.2 for the 26.2 miles I planned on running for Boston, which I did.

Here's my exercise points for the week:
Monday: 4 miles in 40:00=4 points
-stretching for 10:00=1 point
Wednesday: 5 miles in 46:30=4.6 points
Thursday: 5 miles in 44:45 plus .25 miles walking in 4:15=4.5 points
Saturday: 3 miles in 26:38=2.7
-20 minute walk/hike with the kids while camping=2
Sunday: last 3 miles of my 26.2 in 31:xx plus .65 walk/run (total time 38:30)=3.8 points

Total points: 22.6 points

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three Thing Thursday 4/25

1. We're going camping, we're going camping! It's ridiculous how excited going camp makes me :) This time, we're going with friends, which we've never done before. It's just one night, and we're going to the closest state park so we can get there and back quickly. It doesn't matter...we are getting away!

2. State testing is over as of yesterday...well, not over, over. We have a relatively small group of students that will have to take the second administration in May. But the worst part is behind us, thank goodness. Being cooped up in a room with students (not even my own) for two days with no talking takes its toll...on all of us!

3. I have now run 20.2 miles since Saturday. Just 6 more to go to reach my goal of 26.2 for Boston between April 20 and April 29. Yay! Surprisingly, my legs are doing really good today. (I'm hoping to finish up with the last couple of easy miles with friends Sunday while we are camping.)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday To-Do

Making some goals for the week last week really helped, although we didn't accomplish everything. I'm ok with that. It helped me to focus on a few things instead of getting overwhelmed (which I almost did a couple of times). These are new goals. I'm not going to carry over missed goals from last least not right now. The goal here is to NOT get overwhelmed :)

Goals for this week
1. Sort/go through Ryan's toys
2. Clean (and keep clear) flat surfaces
3. Prep meals in advance to make sure we can eat at home

1. Buy birthday gifts for family
2. Plan Chad's birthday with the kids
3. Spend less time on Facebook and Pinterest, especially when the kids are awake

1. 20 miles to finish my 26.2 for Boston
2. WOW workouts x2
3. Stretch/foam x3 (going to need it with the increased mileage)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Meal Plan

I made a meal plan once, but then my hubby and I talked and I tweaked it a bit. Trying not to make too much work for myself.

B-Lavish oatmeal and a banana
L-tuna in a pita pocket, carrots and oranges
D-burgers, veggies, and fruit
*prep-roast/peel chiles, brown/season meat, stuff rellenos

B-eggs with avocado and salsa
L-testing-pita pocket, fruit, carrots
D-chile rellenos (cooked while SB is at softball)

B-overnight oats
L-testing-grownup lunchable

B-eggs with avocado
D-date night!

D-meatloaf, roasted potatoes and asparagus

B-biscuit sandwiches
L-hot dogs at tball opening ceremonies
D-camping? Please!

And here's the workout "menu." It's heavy on the training as I try to get 20 miles to add to this past Saturday's 10k to make 26.2 miles for Boston by April 29.
Monday-run 4-5 miles
Tuesday-strength train
Wednesday-run 4-5 miles
Thursday-run 4-5 miles (am); strength (pm)
Friday-rest/foam roll/stretch
Saturday-run 2-3 miles
Sunday-run 7-8 miles

Sunday, April 21, 2013

SBBC Week 8

Water: check
Freggies: 7.5
Exercise: none. I had totally planned on doing a WOW once the kids went to bed, but after what happened in Boston, my husband and I were glued to the TV news.

Water: check
Freggies: 9
Exercise: 4.09 miles for Boston in 37:06, plus .25 miles cooldown in 4:15=4.1 points

Water: check
Freggies: 7.5
Exercise: 30 minute Sworkit circuit=3 points

Water: check
Freggies: 7
Exercise: 2.62 miles in 30 minutes=3 points
-10 minutes of ab Sworkit=1 point
-10 minutes of stretching/foam rolling=1 point

Water: check
Freggies: 7
Exercise: none

Water: check
Freggies: 8
Exercise: YMCA 10K in 58:25=5.8 points

Water: check
Freggies: 2 (isn't that just awful?!)
Exercise: 30 minutes of circuit training using Sworkit and WOW 10=3 points

This Week's Totals
Water: 7
Freggies: 6
Exercise:  20 points (didn't quite meet my goal of 25 for the week)

And now we have one more week to go with the extension! I'm going to aim for 7 water, 7 freggies, and my 20 miles to round out my 26.2 for Boston. Add in 3 days of stretching/foam rolling (I'll need it with the increased mileage!) and I should have my 25 points this time around :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

YMCA Beach Party 10K Recap

Ready to run
This morning, Sarah and I ran the YMCA Beach Party 10K. It started off cold (but not horrible!) in the mid-40s with a windchill in the 30s. It made it hard to decide what to wear, but knowing it was going to warm up quickly, I went with a tank and tights. It was a beach theme so she put a lei bracelet around her ponytail and I used a necklace one around my visor. I don't do the whole dress up thing for runs, but at least this way it didn't bother me while I was running.

We stayed warm inside the Y as long as possible after getting our chips. I handed out blue and yellow ribbons to pin to the bibs as a tribute to Boston. I also wore the Runners United to Remember Boston bib on my back. You just can't help but think of the runners and their friends and family as you hit the pavement these days.

The first mile was very cold and windy, but it warmed up quickly. Around mile 2, after just having told Sarah about my mom's newest injury, I spotted my parents on the side of the road! Sarah threw her headband and arm warmers to my mom because she had warmed up too much. We saw them again going under the bridge (actually Dad was on the bridge) and then when we went back under the bridge. It was like having our own paparazzi! It did force us to smile and try to look like we were feeling good :)

First spotting of my parents

Boston on my back

Another sighting

My dad on the bridge

Up the embankment to the sidewalk (and this wasn't even the last uphill)

My momma in her new footwear

Getting closer to done

We kept a pretty consistent pace throughout. Sarah's calf started hurting around mile 4, but she kept at it. The Y has a cruel and unusual way to end their races...up a hill, around a gazebo and down the hill (which terrifies me because the sidewalk curves around a fear is I'll get to flying down the hill and hit the water). Still, I kind of dig the hill there...charging up it at the end is a thrill!

I finished in 58:25, getting third in our age division. I was pleased with a sub-60. I remember when that used to be my ultimate goal. It wasn't a PR, but that's ok. We weren't able to hang around for the awards since we had mom duty in the tball dugout, so we had to wait until results were posted this afternoon. We did enjoy some fruit and pumpkin bread...and of course the chocolate milk I brought us :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Thing Thursday

1. Boston. I've decided to run 26.2 for Boston...but not all at once :) Starting with Saturday's 10K, I'm going to run 26.2 by Monday, April 29. It will definitely be pushing it, but I want to acknowledge the hard road those affected by the Boston bombings have to face by pushing myself to do more than I normally do. I originally had this idea late one night this week, but then I saw that someone else had aleady started the idea. Works for me. There's a Facebook page if you're interested. I'll also be wearing the Runner's Unite race bib this weekend (and I'll try to remember to take pictures with it throughout the 26.2 next week) as a way of honoring those affected.

2. West, TX. My heart goes out to those in West, TX after the fertilizer plant explosion. So many were lost, injured or affected. I can't imagine the heartache for the entire community.

3. To be honest, I don't have a least not one that can go with these horrible tragedies. I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around these events. I'll leave it with a verse of comfort and a link to a song that gives me peace:
I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace.
In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world. -John 16:33   "Where I Belong" Building 429    

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday To-Do

Updated: I wanted to share with you how I'm making my goals (for now). I created this little reminder/worksheet for each week. I actually copied them off 2 on each side of a page so I could fold it to make a booklet for the year. I listed my priorities at the top so that my goals would always line up with them in some way. It's not perfect, and I probably need a system for monthly/yearly goals as well. For now, though, this is helping me choose my actions a little better.

This week's goals  (I'll probably try to do this on Sunday nights later, but for today, it works.)

1. Finish painting the red walls
2. Put up Ryan's clothes
3. Declutter our room

1. Make bedtime pleasant
2. Get a birthday gift for SB's teacher
3. Plan for birthday gifts for the spring birthdays

1. Take my vitamins daily
2. Strength train twice this week
3. Go on a family walk

Run for Boston

Image from Run With Jess. Love it.

I really don't have words for today, the day after such a tragedy amidst what should have been a celebration of hard work, determination, and perseverance. My mind can not fathom what those involved in yesterday's chaos must feel this morning as they wake up...some missing loved ones, some injured, some shaken. Everyone touched.

I know that runners are a community--a caring, supportive, tight community. This senseless act has shaken that community to the very core. It very well could have been any one of us at any race, watching, volunteering, cheering, running. It could have been our husbands, our friends, our parents, our children. That hits a spot that's not easy to calm.

So this morning, I did what I know I can do. I ran...4.09 miles to remember Boston, to remember the families, to remember the runners, to remember the emergency workers, to remember the volunteers, to remember the survivors and the victims. To push my body when I can't calm my mind. To pray for peace. To pray for answers. To pray for healing.

I'm wearing a race shirt today to show the camarderie of runners. I sent my daughter off to school in her own race shirt. She doesn't know the horrors of yesterday, only that something bad happened at the end of a big race. It was her choice to wear hers, and this momma is proud of her choice to support people she doesn't know because of what they have experienced.

I know that runners will continue doing what they do. We will run. And we will remember.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Meal Plan

I started off last week eating decently and tracking my food...and then I fell off the wagon...again. It wasn't that my eating was atrocious; it just wasn't controlled like I want. So, here's another effort at watching what I eat.

B-Baked quinoa
S-green smoothie
L-Boca burger on a pita, cantaloupe and carrots
S-pistachios and an orange
D-Sports Banquet for me (for coaching cross country); sausage/potatoes/green beans for the fam

B-baked quinoa (if it works, stick with it, right?)
S-green smoothie
L-leftover sausage, fruit and veggie
S-Grapes and edamame
D-Spaghetti and meatballs, broccoli and pineapple

B-more baked quinoa
S-green smoothie
L-pita pocket with tuna salad, fruit and veggies
S-apple, PB and raisins

B-baked quinoa
S-green smoothie
L-veggie chili, cheese stick, and fruit
S-cantaloupe and almonds
D-Date Night! Qdoba, maybe?

B-Subway breakfast Flatbread
S-green smoothie
L-Subway sandwich, carrots, pears
S-edamame and an orange
D-hash (never quite got around to it last week)

B-pb&j before the Y 10k
D-lentil and chickpea soup w/ naan

B-breakfast burritos

It's not perfect, but it's a plan. Now, for the workout part. I've really got to work on it. Since it's the last week of the SBBC Challenge, I really want to finish strong. My goal is 25 points. That's 250 minutes of working out. Whew. Can I do it?

Monday-WOW for 30 minutes (3)
Tuesday-run 3-4 miles (speed or tempo) (3-4) Wednesday-WOW for 30 minutes (3)
Thursday-run 2-3 miles (easy) (3)
Friday-stretching only (1.5 points) + afternoon walk of 30 minutes (3)
Saturday-YMCA 10k (6) Sunday-walk for 30 minutes (3)

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

SBBC Week 7

Water: check
Freggies: 9
Exercise: none

Water: check
Freggies: 10.5
Exercise: 4.5 miles in 47:01=4.7 points

Water: didn't quite make it
Freggies: 5 (sad)
Exercise: none (sad, again)

Water: yes
Freggies: 6.5
Exercise: warmup/cooldown of .75 miles in 13:06=1.3 points
-HIIT (ran .5 miles @6.0, 5x:60 @9.0 w/:90 recovery @6.0, 2x:90 @8.0 w/:60 recovery, then .5 miles @6.0) for a total of 26:31 (that's 2 miles of speedwork in 16:31!!!)=2.6 points

Water: yes
Freggies: 4
Exercise: none

Water: no
Freggies: 4.5
Exercise: none

Water: yes
Freggies: 6.5
Exercise: 61 minutes (ran 3 miles, got dizzy, walked another 1.6 miles)=6 points

This week's totals
Water: 5
Freggies: 2 (darn it!)
Exercise: 14.6 points

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Thing Thursday 4/11

1. I signed up to run the YMCA's Beach Party 10K on April 20 with a friend or two. With our crazy spring schedules, I wasn't able to plan races very far in advance. I wanted to work on speed (and I am), but I don't know that I can do much in that short of a time. I'll have to find a race a little farther out to plan better.

2. Less than a month until I go to Disney with some of our 8th graders! I'm looking forward to the trip. I've never been (but my husband has), and I'm getting excited! The only downside to the trip is that I'll be gone on Mother's Day :(

3. I can't believe April is almost halfway done. Where does the time go?! By now, I'm usually making lists of activities to do for the summer. However, I'm just not on top of things these days. It's so frustrating. I used to be so organized. I attempt to start to get more organized and get sidetracked before I even start. Anyone else feel that way?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

Time for some meal planning fun. This week is all about convenience. The meals aren't that healthy, but it's a crazy busy week. My breakfasts and lunches are pretty good, but dinners are a little iffy. It's all about moderation, so I'm ok with that.

B-potato, egg, avocado and salsa bowl
L-soup, cheese stick, carrots and an apple
D-meatball sandwiches w/ broccoli and fruit

B-overnight oats w/ banana and blueberries
L-leftovers (either chicken spaghetti or meatball sandwiches)
D-kids and me: hash (pan-fried potatoes and onions with ground beef) or pigs in a blanket

B-potato, egg, avocado and salsa bowl
L-pita pocket w/ tuna salad and spinach, carrots and fruit
D-leftovers (have to be at school all evening; Chad has a work event)

B-overnight oats with PB2 and banana
L-soup, cheese stick, carrots and fruit
D-enchiladas, beans and sauteed veggies

B-Subway breakfast flatbread
L-Subway sandwich
D-breakfast for dinner :)

B-chocolate Lavish oatmeal and a banana
D-grill out? lentil/chickpea soup?

After a week of no sugar, I've found that I am definitely not craving it as much. I gave myself "permission" yesterday to have some candy, but nothing really sounded good. I did have an ice cream sundae for dessert with some mini m&m's. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't nearly as good as I would have thought. In fact, I found myself craving fruit. Pretty cool. I will say, though, that I really missed my coffee. Since I couldn't have sweeteners, I just didn't drink any. It was so nice to enjoy a couple of cups yesterday :)

SBBC Week 6

I thought maybe this would go better if I wrote down what I did each day so I could see my tally at the end of the week.

Water: check
Freggies: 7
Exercise: 15 minutes of core/stretching=1.5 points

Water: check
Freggies: 10!
Exercise: 5 by the 5th 5 miles in 46:59 plus .25 miles walking=5 points

Water: check
Freggies: 8
Exercise: WOW 11 (15 minutes) 1.5 points + the WOW point

Water: check
Freggies: 8
Exercise: 3.5 miles in 36:49 doing hills and negative splits on the treadmill=3.6 points
(.25 walk, .5 at 6.0, then 1%, 2%, 3%, 2%, 1% inclines with 0% in between...all quarter miles...on the flats I increased the speed by .2 and maintained the increased through the next hill...cooldown)

Water: check
Freggies: nope
Exercise: none :( Home with sick kids...thought I could squeeze something in, but it didn't happen.

Water: check
Freggies: nope
Exercise: none. Busy, busy day.

Water: check
Freggies: 5
Exercise: 5 miles in 48:40 plus walking a quarter mile in 5 minutes=5.3 points
-walk/ran with the kids .65 miles in 10 minutes; stopped at park and did body weight exercises for 5 minutes=1.5 points

This week's totals:
Water: 7
Freggies: 4
Exercise: 18.4
WOW: 1

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Three Thing Thursday

1. Rain! We so need it here right now, and we've been getting it. It has caused some cancellations of ballgames, but that's ok. The schedule we have right now is crazy anyway.

2. Sugar. Or lack of. That sugar detox was much needed. It hasn't been too bad, but I was definitely tempted the past two days by all the goodies our school provided for state testing days. I'm also back on track with tracking my calories. It probably wasn't a good idea to do both at once.

3. Goals. There are a lot of local races coming up, but with tball and softball games, it doesn't look like I can make many of them. I feel a little lost without a goal right now. I had said I wanted to work on speed, but I don't really know how to go about doing that. Time for some research.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5k by the 5th

Woohoo! Feeling good!
A hot sweaty mess on the garage treadmill

I knew April's 5 by the 5th was going to be tricky to fit in since April 1-5 is Monday-Friday, meaning a longer early morning run than usual. I know the contest says I can do a 5k, but I've done all my others as 5 miles and wanted to keep that up. I managed to make it work, although my first thought when I heard the alarm was "I don't wanna!" Instead, I told myself, "Don't think; just run" and got myself out of bed.

It was a good run with negative splits...almost my fastest 5 miles in this time, right?!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

SBBC Week 5

I feel like such a slacker. I only got 6 activity points for last week. I only ran twice and short both times after last weekend's half. I did manage all my water and 4 freggie points. I wish I had done some stretching or core work since the running was so light.

I am already off to a bad start for this week since I skipped this morning's run. I figure that means I need a better plan. So here it is...

Today: WOW circuit tonight after the kids go to bed
Tuesday: Run 5 miles for my 5 by the 5th virtual run series
Wednesday: 15 minutes of stretching/strength before school; 15 minutes of WOW after the kids go to bed
Thursday: Speed work (HIIT)
Friday: Rest
Weekend: "long" run of 6 miles (or so); stretching
-I'll have to figure out when I can run this weekend because of softball/tball games. Whatever day I don't run, I'll try to fit in another WOW workout.

And of course, my goal is to have my water and freggies every day. I get 2.5 servings with my morning smoothie, so that helps a lot. Since I'm not eating added sugar this week, I'll work on reaching for fruits and veggies for snacks instead of sweets and treats.

So now this week is planned out. :)

Meal Plan Monday

This week's meals

After a couple of really derailed eating weeks, the sugar detox challenge hosted by Laura at Mommy Run Fast couldn't have come at a better time. It's just one week, but I think that will help reset my eating.

B-English muffin, banana and a boiled egg
S-green smoothie
L-pita sandwich with egg salad (thanks to Easter eggs), pineapple and carrots
S-pistachios and an apple
D-pulled pork tacos, beans, sautéed veggies

B-baked quinoa (if I have time to make it Monday)
S-green smoothie
L-testing: leftover pulled pork tacos, fruit and veggie
S-V8 fusion, almonds
D-Quesadillas and black bean salsa

B-eggs, hash browns and black bean salsa
S-green smoothie
L-testing (no refrigerator): pita pocket sandwich, fruit and veggies
S-apple, PB and raisins

B-baked quinoa and fruit
S-green smoothie
L-lentil pita or corn tortilla
S-cheese stick and an apple
D-meatball sandwiches (not so healthy...but we have tball)

B-Boiled egg, fruit
S-green smoothie
L-pita pocket with egg salad
D-BBQ pork sandwiches



Yes, I know the week isn't complete. Frankly, my brain is tired thinking of options. It's not quite as hard as the Daniel Fast since I can have meat and dairy, but it's still taking some thought.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

5 by the 5th

It's time once again for the 5 by the 5th virtual run series hosted by Mommy Run Fast. So far, I've done 5 miles each time, but that is going to be tricky considering April 1-5 is Monday to Friday. That means my run has to be before school (hard to get 5 miles in) or I'll have to fit it in after school...which is even harder considering the tball and softball games, practices and scrimmages planned for the week. I'll let you know how I get it worked in :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SBBC Week 4

Just a quick recap of this past week...

Monday: Run 38 minutes (3.5 miles)
Wednesday: Run 38 minutes (3.5 miles)
Friday: Shake out run of 20 minutes (1.5 miles)
Saturday: Aquarium, walking 45 minutes (at least!)
Sunday: RnR Dallas 13.1 miles in 2:07:52 (a new PR!)

I did really good on water this week (all 7 days) knowing I had my half coming. I also did pretty good on my freggies...4 days for sure. The green smoothies really help!

I've really got to work on cutting out the sugar. The afternoons are killing me!

Monday, March 25, 2013

RnR Dallas Race Recap

My fourth half is in the books...and with a new PR!

We left for Dallas early Saturday morning, made it to the hotel, and took the DART to the Expo...Sarah, Josh, their two kids, Chad, our two kids and me. That's a lot of bodies to corral in a crowded place, but even the kids seemed to enjoy the expo. I was able to stop by the Team Refuel booth, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to time it to do some of the video fun.

After the expo, we headed to lunch and then Fair Park where we were planning on going to the museum. We didn't know it, however, but the museum we have loved going to is no longer there :( Luckily, the aquarium is still there, so that's where we went.  It was just about right for us. We headed back to the hotel, where we all ended up falling asleep before dinner (except SB). We had dinner at Boston's...a flatbread pizza for me...which, in hindsight, did not have enough protein for me before a race. I didn't sleep well at all that night and even had to get up at about 4:30 to eat a granola bar...I was so hungry!

I got up a little after 6 to start getting ready. I still wasn't sure about what to wear...windy and cold is hard to plan, especially when you can't step outside to see just what it feels like. I ended up in pants, compression sleeves, my Team Refuel jersey, arm warmers, my BondiBand hat with the ponytail hole and gloves. That ended up being just about right. The only thing I would have added is a sweatshirt or jacket I could have tossed after a mile or two.

Sarah and I had sandwich thins, PB and bananas for breakfast before the race in the hotel lobby. We took the DART to the start line. We weren't in a real rush because it was so cold. We ended up getting there, waiting for the portapotty and walking to our corral right as it was being released for the start (not at the start line, but just starting to move). Couldn't have timed it waiting in the cold for us! The dads and kids stayed at the was just too cold (and early!) for them.

The race went really well. We took off at a decent pace, not able to feel our hands or feet. It was pretty crowded, but we really didn't have any trouble staying together. I can't tell you much about the's all a blur. I do know it was uphill to mile 8, but not horribly so. There were a couple of tough hills, but Sarah and I charged up them like troopers. I do remember some good music along the way...Jessie's Girl, 867-5309, Pour Some Sugar On Me...lots of fun! She and I took turns giving the pep talks. There were times she wanted to talk about pace or possible finishing times, but I just couldn't do it...I get jumpy at the pressure of what I might be capable of.

I did meet up with one other Team Refuel member, David, twice on the course. It was cool to have that instant camaraderie with another runner.

We saw the husbands and kids at the last little turn...such a pick-me-up! I wish I had a picture of them cheering for us! At the very end, Sarah pulled away from me. I just didn't think I had it in me. However, I saw the finish line and knew I wanted to cross it with I did! It took everything I had to give it that last little bit. It rocked to cross the line knowing I had a big PR. It turns out I cut 8 minutes exactly off my old one...finishing in 2:07:52.

While we were still in the finisher's chute, I was able to stop at the Team Refuel tent for a quick photo op. I felt like a Nascar driver with the sponsored that's a picture I guzzling the chocolate milk like a driver with his Coke. After that we got our chocolate milk (which never tasted so good!), water, snacks and space blankets before finding the family. It was so cold afterward that we really couldn't stick around to see what all was there...I didn't even have a chance to stop by the Team Refuel VIP tent. That's just part of being a mother runner :)

We headed back to the hotel on the DART for a much-needed shower and fuel. On the way home, we stopped for burgers and fries at Twisted Root.

I am exhausted and sore, but nothing really hurts. There's one spot on my right foot...the knuckle below my big toe...that hurts. I'll ice it tonight and see what happens. I have a feeling it's a tendon or something.

All in all, I am so proud of Sarah for her first half...and so proud of my new PR! I couldn't ask for a better support crew, the ones that were there and the ones I knew were thinking of me at home.