Sunday, October 28, 2012

13.1 Dallas Race Recap

13.1 Dallas is in the books!

The crazy look on my face says, "Whoa! The world just tilted a little."
 We headed to Dallas Friday morning after getting the kids off to school and getting packed up. We stopped to look at Camping World (yes, that says we are officially old) and for lunch at Chick-Fil-A. We then picked up packets for my sister and me at Luke's Locker before heading to our hotel. We were a little worried about it because we got it on Priceline and had read some yucky reviews on it. It turned out to be not as bad as we expected.

Since it was just Chad and me, we enjoyed a date night at Boston's. I never really think about what to eat before a long run, but the race had me nervous. I think I did just about right with a flatbread and a caprese salad (and a little dessert shot).

Saturday morning, we woke up early to very cold weather. I haven't had a really cold training run this round and was a little worried about what to wear. The tights I had brought just didn't feel comfortable, so I decided to stick with the shorts and compression sleeves I've worn for just about every long run. I knew I was wearing my Team World Vision jersey and arm warmers but ended up wearing my running jacket as well...and my BondiBand hat with the hole for my ponytail...and gloves. I had some pants I wore over my shorts until a little before the start.

We had a team picture at the TWV tent before the race. We still had some time to kill so we went down a level into the parking garage where it was much warmer. It was a smaller race than the other halves I've run, so it was nice to be able to get to the start line just a little before race time.

We didn't all stay together as a team. My parents were there (both are injured and couldn't run even though they had signed up for the race months ago). My sister wanted to start with the 1:50 pace crew. I stayed back around the 2:40 group. My sister-in-law was run/walking the half with her best friend. There were a few others from our team there as well.

The first part of the race went really well. It was cold, but my running felt easy. Around mile 4, I started to think about how much farther I had to go and had to tell myself, "Don't think; just run." That helped.

Chad was able to take the DART trains to try and catch me on the course. He missed me a couple of times but did find me at mile 9. I was so glad he did! I needed that mental boost right then. From about mile 7.5 until that point I was worried about possible tummy issues and just a general yucky feeling. But after I saw him, I felt good.

The course was great...a combination of downtown streets, wealthy neighborhoods and an asphalt runners' trail on the Katy Trail. Until mile 12. Somebody had the bright idea to end the race with a .6-mile uphill on Ross Ave. They even made an event out of it and timed runners from the bottom to the top of the hill for a separate "race" and prize. I was just thrilled that I didn't walk up the hill. In fact, that mile was one of my faster ones at 10:18. Pretty happy with that.

I finished in 2:15:53! My fastest half has been 2:20, so I'll take the PR. I'm most happy with the fact that it just felt like a good race...mentally and physically strong for me.

The Team World Vision tent had breakfast from Corner Bakery for us and our friends/family. The hot coffee was great! Overall, I'm really happy with how the race went. Today, I'm a little sore. My kneecaps hurt...not really my knees, just the kneecaps. The tendons between my feet and shins are tender. Some muscles are tight and need to be rolled. But overall, I feel pretty good. I'll try to post some more pictures when I get them.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Another review/preview

This past week was another busy usual. The weekend was no exception. Friday night we went to a local high school football game. Saturday morning, I got up early (read: dark) and met my sister for our last long run before our half. It was a really good run! My legs felt fresh and strong. We kept the pace much faster than my usual long run (avg. pace of 10:45).

After I got home, I tried not to make the same mistakes as last week. Instead of sitting still, stretching and taking a hot shower first thing, I kept going, getting things ready for our camping trip. I have to say, I wasn't sore, so maybe that is the key.

Once Chad got home from his umpire board meeting, we took off for a nearby lake. It's nothing fancy, but it gets us away from home quickly. Once there, we set up and had some sandwiches for lunch. That afternoon we went for a hike. The kids only complained a little...progress! They did really like climbing the stone steps on a hill and going down the grassy other side. We also drove across the spillway, just to see what all was out there. I'm not sure I've ever been that direction.

That evening, we had a new I'll be keeping on the camping menu. We're calling them cheesy beefy sandwiches, another Pinterest find.

wolf pack specials

I had done the prep work on cooking the meat at home, so these were so simple and filling. SB even had the leftovers on her breakfast burrito the next morning.

Most of the time I'm against watching TV while camping. However, that night, we sat out under the stars and watched ET. The kids had never seen it, and I don't think Chad and I had seen it since it came out. It was like our own little drive-in, complete with s'mores for a snack.

Sunday morning, after "rescuing" the huge walking stick on the awning of our camper, we had breakfast burritos and then went for a small hike around a nature interpretative trail. The kids loved looking at the map and finding the next station. Then we drove around to the other side of the lake. At one of the boat ramp areas, we saw these big white birds flying in formation. They flew right over us. It was pretty they were in slow motion going against the wind.

We couldn't stay too long, so we packed up and headed home to get ready for dinner that night.

It may have been a short trip, but it's just what I needed to recharge. I was able to get a lot done Sunday afternoon at home after having that kind of mental break. Much needed!

This week is another busy one. After this morning's 4 miles, I have just one run left before Saturday's half. Chad and I are going, just the two of  us, to Dallas for the race. We can't stay long there either...have to get back for our church's Trunk N Treat that night.

I can't believe the half is this weekend!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Week Review/Preview

Last week was busy as usual, but I fit in my runs like I'd planned. On Saturday, we had Race for the Cure. The original plan was to walk the one mile with my mother-in-law and family and then run the 5k, heading home afterward to finish my long run. However, the 5k had already started when we finished walking, so we just went on home for me to do my long run from there. My sister had already started running but finished up her run with the first half of mine. It was good to have some company, at least for a while. After we parted ways, the rain started coming down a little more than the sprinkles of the first half, but it felt great.

I made it the 11 miles I'd planned. I can't say it was as good as last week's 10, but I did it. I must have been running super tense because my back is super sore. The legs, especially my right calf, was twitchy all day Saturday, but after vitamins, a couple of bananas and some electrolytes, it was a little better.

I think part of the difference was that last week, I took off right after my run to take my daughter to gymnastics. Then we went and had brunch and got haircuts. I didn't stop until mid-afternoon when I finally got a shower. This week, I came home, stretched, relaxed and showered (a hot shower, too). Maybe I should have hit the ice bath instead.

Still, I'm better today, so I can't complain.

Last week: 20.28 miles
YTD: 484 miles

This week is just as busy. Here's the plan...for now:
Monday-run 3 miles



Wednesday-run 4 miles
-Hang Time
-date night/prep for camping
Friday-run 2 miles?
Saturday-run 8 miles?
Sunday-run 8 miles?

So a lot of the plans aren't really set in stone, but at least I'm working on fitting everything in.

The kids' new color chart plan seems to be helping. They had their first "store" last night. Sarah Beth is saving hers up (although she did "buy" ten extra minutes before bed, which I enjoyed spending with her), while Ryan couldn't resist "buying" a trip to the dollar store and a new iPad app. I still need to work on some ideas for this, but I'm liking the plan.

This week's goal is to come up with a better chore chart system that can work with the new ticket system. I basically want them to work a little on their room each day with one specific task and then do one other "chore" to help out.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Set Up

At the end of the week, we had a cold front move through. We went from summer to winter without any fall. Yes, I realize the 50s aren't really winter, but I would have liked to have seen something between the 50s and the 90s.

That meant that when I woke up yesterday morning to run, it was in the 40s...and dark. However, I had to get SB to open gym by 10, so I had to start my run on the treadmill. I just don't do dark. I ran 2.5 on the treadmill, getting quite warm and toasty (and sweaty), before heading out for a very brisk, chilly 7.5...a total of 10 miles! First double digit run in a really long time.

I was kind of dreading the run. I've been doing my long runs with my sister and was afraid that running alone would be a major mental one to talk to and keep me going. However, it ended up being just what I needed to know that I can finish this half. I had a smile on my face for many of the miles :)

The hardest part of yesterday was coming in from running and hitting Mommy mode...made a hot vanilla (instead of chocolate milk) since I was cold...and ended up making smoothies for both kids and getting one off to gymnastics still in my running clothes. We even went and had brunch afterwards and got the kids and hubby haircuts...all still in my running clothes.

I had the hardest time warming up after my run. Even after a hot vanilla, two cups of coffee and a chai latte, I don't think I warmed up until we ate potato soup for dinner.

Best thing? I woke up this morning and had to think twice about whether I really ran yesterday. I'm not truly sore anywhere. I have a few tight muscles, but it's not bad at all...a very happy surprise, especially since I didn't get the chance to take an ice bath, which I normally do when I hit double digits.

This week is looking busy as always.
Monday-run 4 miles
     -PTA meeting
Tuesday-talk to Chandra
Wednesday-run 4 miles
     -department head meeting/cross country practice
     -Hang Time at church
     -parent conferences
     -cross country meet
Friday-MSU Fish Fry
Saturday-Race for the Cure 5K (debating on running my miles after or on Sunday)
     -small group
     -MSU Homecoming 
Sunday-long run?

This week: 19 miles
YTD: 464 miles

Monday, October 1, 2012

October Goals

Hmmm...I haven't really thought that far. Here it is October 1, and I am barely realizing September is over.

My most obvious goal is the 13.1 Dallas at the end of the month. I'm running it for Team World Vision with a team from my church. I've raised right at $500, but I still have $155 to go. ***Side note: If you'd like to donate to help provide clean drinking water for women, children and families in Africa, please use this link:
. Just $50 provides a lifetime of clean, healthy drinking water for one person there. If that's too much, maybe $1 a mile for me? That's just $13.10...a couple of trips to Starbucks or a Friday night pizza.
As for the race itself, I just want to finish. It's been a struggle to get back into training and get back on track. I'm pretty sure I can finish, and I'm hoping it won't be crawling across the finish line. I'm choosing not to put a time goal on it because that's not the point this time.

Another goal I have is to lose 2.5 pounds. The weight is coming off slowly, and I know I need to add some strength/toning workouts to help finish it off. That would put me at a weight I'm happy's not my ultimate goal weight, but that one might be a little too lofty. I'll continue eating healthy foods and tracking my calories to meet this goal. 

I want to set up some sort of chore/technology time/allowance system for my kids. My mind gets a little boggled trying to figure out what will work best for my kids and me. They're doing really well with a color chart system at school for behavior, and I'd like to use that concept at home. I just don't know how to make it all work to provide the best results and learning experiences. 

I'm still working on completing an online Bible study for the book Unglued. It's a good book (two chapters in), so another goal is to complete the study and put the knowledge into practice to come unglued less and enjoy my kids more. 

And a totally random goal for the month is to go camping again! I am hoping for cooler weather and a chance to spend some more time outdoors :)

That's probably enough goals for one month. I didn't finish a house project in September like I'd planned. I did blog more (although not as consistenly as I'd hoped). I keep reminding myself that I'm a work in progress...

Sunday Setup...on Monday

I haven't stuck with a weekly update in a long time, but I'm going to celebrate my miles.

Last week: 16.4 miles
YTD: 445 miles

I'm not going to reach my year's goals on miles, but considering surgery and my foot, I'm ok with it.

Yesterday's long run was pretty good. I had planned on 7.5 or 8. My niece Cat ran with Carrie and me and wanted to do the full 8. I had run .4 to get to their house, so I finished her 8 miles with 8.4 for me. I was pretty impressed that she made it the full 8! I couldn't have done that as a freshman in high school.

I'm a little stiff, but not sore, if that makes sense. I feel a little like the Tin Man...just not moving smoothly.

This week is busy as usual.

Monday--gymnastics. Apparently, Body Combat is no longer offered at the Y...and I didn't even get to try it! I may go ready to workout and see if there's a class I can take.

Tuesday--run 4 miles
     -cross country practice
     -PTA meeting

Wednesday--strength train (I say that all the
     -core dept. meeting at school
     -Hang Time

Thursday--run 4 miles
     -cross country meet
     -date night

Friday--it's Friday!!!

Saturday--long run (hoping for 9.5 miles)
     -small group